Lower your Earthworks costs

Find out how end-to-end drone solutions can reduce survey related expenses for planning, bidding and earthwork grade management.

Fly, Measure, and Manage Earthwork Projects

Kespry provides the complete solution for construction and engineering companies to better manage proposed and active earthwork operations. Survey-grade field data can be frequently collected for the entire site in approximately 30 minutes. Hours after the flight, cut and fill calculations and design plan progress tracking can be evaluated and shared across the entire project team. 

Kespry Data Management Platform

Kespry makes construction site progress tracking more efficient by delivering continuous data and analysis for both planning and operations. Resources are better managed. Downtime is reduced. Projects are kept on schedule and under budget.

Your superintendents, project managers and survey managers can use Kespry daily to produce accurate 2D and 3D surface data for use throughout the project. By bringing together  pre-construction topographic surveys, project estimates, civil survey designs, project earthworks volume tracking, and as-built surveys in one platform, all your data is available online whenever, and wherever, you need it to ensure your project is on track.

The Kespry Cloud, fueled by daily Kespry UAV flights, allows us to measure and communicate daily progress across our construction sites.

Peter Sosnowski
Preconstruction Director,
Webcor Builders

Reduce Costs of Earthwork Project Bids and Increase Win Rates

Construction companies have to deal with the most risky component of any project: the bid. The cost for grading services is often based on a time consuming and costly surveys or reliance on the accuracy of submitted plans. This initial dataset is critical to the integrity of how projects are run.

Companies using Kespry are driving the bid process instead of relying on third party survey and estimation services. Before grading projects begin Kespry can be used to verify proposed cut and fill quantities, and throughout the project all key parties benefit through:

  • In-house estimating teams using volumetric analysis tools to calculate cut and fill quantities for each phase of the proposed project.

  • Project managers reducing unforeseen costs after the start of a project and improve customer relationships with due-diligence before the project begins.

  • Construction companies increasing the speed and flexibility of earthworks bid process leading to a quicker decision on bid.

Produce Grading Plans Faster and With More Accuracy

Today, there is an increasing demand to complete construction projects much faster than previously acceptable. The use of traditional survey equipment to survey large sites and quickly get plans out of the door proved very difficult. And the added requirement of a high level of accuracy in the data made meeting those demands that much more difficult.

Kespry is able to meet both the requirements of accuracy and speed. Point data is automatically transferred and processed typically within a few hours of flight. Resulting topographic data achieves positional accuracies down to 2 cm (.06’). Design teams can leverage the data immediately to support development of project plans.

  • Surveyors and designers can view, create and customize reports that evaluate pre-construction site topography, conditions, and volumes.

  • Planners optimize mass haul routes with a single accurate dataset for the entire site, as often as needed.

  • All data is exportable into Autodesk Civil 3D, Carlson, AGTEK, GIS or other 3rd party modelling and civil design software programs - Kespry supports export to over 30 of the most commonly needed file formats.

Deliver More Efficient and Safer Project Operations

During the course of an earthwork project, the potential for moving the same dirt twice or three times is high. This is often caused by miscommunication between the office and the field when it comes to progress tracking.

With daily or weekly Kespry flights, site project teams have an on-demand visual history of the latest earthwork activity, plus the tools needed to quickly calculate cut and fill volumes. Kespry is bridging the gap by providing reliable and accurate data in an easy to use online environment.

  • Project managers can use a single source of accurate survey data accessed in one location to track performance and monitor the efficiency of active operations.

  • Frequent flights allow construction companies to reduce cost and time for rework.

  • Surveyors increase on-site efficiency while improving safety by not walking around active or dangerous operations.

What Kespry customers are saying

The Kespry Cloud, fueled by efficient, repeatable Kespry UAV flights, allows us to quickly collect site information, process it, and deliver results to our customers.

Mark Power
Survey Team Leader,