Ironclad Excavating Leverages Kespry Drones in their Profitable Earthworks Business

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Ironclad Excavating Achieves Fast, Accurate Surveys with the Kespry 2s Drone

Ironclad Excavating is a construction company in Indiana, owned and managed by the Geiger Family. The company mostly does municipality and residential work as the general contractor doing the dirt-work for subdivision developments and additions. Ironclad also has experience working on small projects like farm ponds and grading of drives, to large projects like total site preparation for small and large construction sites, building dual lane highways, airport runways, and installing underground utilities for municipalities. West Side Tractor is Ironclad Excavating’s John Deere dealer and technology advisor. West Side Tractor recommended the Kespry 2s System for fast, easy, and accurate site surveys to increase profitability and customer service. With unlimited survey-grade flights, Ironclad can better plan and track their earthwork activities across all sites, from project bidding to as-built surveys.