Aerial Intelligence
Solution Pricing

Kespry offers a complete drone-based aerial intelligence solution available as a subscription. With a centralized data platform, companies have several drone options to frequently collect site data; deploy your own DJI drone, use a Kespry-managed drone, or use the DroneBase pilot network as a service provider.

Kespry Pricing

Choose Your Platform

Mapping Platform

(Aggregates, Mining, Pulp and Paper, Construction)

Inspection Platform

(Insurance, Inspection, Energy)

* roofing contractors please visit

Choose Your Package

Starter Package

  • All-inclusive

  • 1 Kespry-managed drone

  • Unlimited Kespry platform

  • Limited number of sites

Enterprise Package

  • Multiple drone options from bring your own to Kespry managed

  • Unlimited Kespry Platform

  • Service provider options

  • Tiered pricing based on number of sites


  • Flight packs for single-family properties

  • Voume tiered pricing (per structure)


  • Flight packs for business parks, multi-family apartment complex, condo associations, manufacturing plants

  • Volume tiered pricing (per structure)

Number of Sites

How many Sites do you have?

How many structures do you want to inspect?

Drone Selection

Kespry-Managed Drones

Kespry-Managed Drones

Kespry Drone Pricing

Kespry Volumetrics Drone


Billed Annually

Stockpile Mapping

Kespry Survey Drone


Billed Annually

Survey-Grade Mapping

Kespry Inspection Drone


Billed Annually

Rooftop Inspection

0-5 Acres


Per Flight

6-100 Acres


Per Flight

101-300 Acres


Per Flight

DroneBase flight services requires a enterprise or starter platform package Minimum Quantity Required. Please Contact for Quote.

Your Price

0 Sites



per year

Pricing based on 3 year term

*Talk to sales to see if you qualify for a customized pricing program.