09.17.2017 | Kespry

How Drone Technology Amplifies Insurance Claim Adjuster Effectiveness

New technology is something companies might often approach with caution. Yet technology can elevate the role of employees and equip them with new skill sets.

Such is the case with drone technology.

When adjusting claims, insurers can use drone technology to drive profitability in one of the most unlikely places within the organization: in the claims adjustment department.

Here’s how drone technology, like the industry-leading Kespry Aerial Intelligence platform, can create profit through the claims department:

Better inspection results. Drone roof inspections using the Kespry system capture high-resolution imagery of the entire roof structure, not just the traditional test sample. The drone also delivers thousands of data points, creating a more accurate overview of the damaged area.

Fewer third-party expenses. The Kespry drone eliminates the need for ancillary service providers – ladders, equipment and outsourced report generation. By keeping adjusters’ feet on the ground insurers can see a noticeable difference, often an average of 25% lower.

Improved underwriting results. The data that’s automatically captured and processed in the online Kespry Cloud can be used by your underwriting team to establish better benchmarks and historic loss figures. Likewise, the data can pinpoint potential problems, making it easier for insurers to alert policyholders about maintenance needs.

Increased productivity. When your adjusters aren’t consumed by paperwork and data gathering, your adjusting department can see a realistic tripling in the number of inspections they can complete in a week. Since the data is automatically uploaded from the Automated Kespry Drone to the online Kespry Cloud – data such as damage type, roof dimensions, and automated hail damage detection – adjusters can easily review and share reports, 2D and 3D maps and models. Cycle times are drastically reduced and accuracy is greatly improved.

Stronger customer retention. When your team handles claims faster and with more accuracy, your customers are happy. In fact, most insurers using the Kespry Automated Drone System can expect to reduce customer churn by 10%, which can increase profits by 16%.

When looking for savings within your organization, look not only at the reduction of costs but also at the potential to drive profitability. Your adjusters, armed with the Kespry Drone System, can help your company save time, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction – creating a profit center within your claims adjudication department.

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