Safer, Faster, More Accurate Roof Inspections for Claims

Kespry’s drone-based aerial intelligence platform speeds claims decisions for policyholders and insurers. This solution delivers safe, accurate, and transparent roof assessments that reduce loss adjustment expenses and improve the customer experience.

The New Standard for Claims Management

Claims Management
Kespry’s flexible, automated aerial intelligence platform includes:
  • Onsite delivery of inspection and damage data within minutes
  • Industry-standard damage assessment tools for on-site claims decisions
  • Highly-accurate AI models to identify damage to dramatically reduce manual tasks

Read our whitepaper “Drones in Insurance: Achieving On-site Roof Claims Decisions In As Little As 1 Hour” to learn more.




Turn-key, Drone-to-Data Solution

Kespry’s fully-automated aerial intelligence solution streamlines the P&C roof claim cycle through a single field-to-finish experience.

  • Easy-to-use autonomous drone flights with no manual piloting or joysticks
  • High-resolution imagery of the entire roof surface enables more accurate assessment of damage
  • AI and machine learning reduce manual effort and shorten claims cycle times

Fast Processing and Flexible Workflows

Kespry’s flexible workflows support your current onsite or desk adjustment process.

  • Drone data is available within minutes of flight, enabling in-the-field analysis and claims decisions in as little as one hour
  • The Kespry Cloud uses AI technology to generate fully-dimensioned roof wireframes and automatically identify damage

Industry Standard Practices and Detailed Reports

Test squares and comprehensive roof reports deliver fast and transparent claim decisions following currently accepted industry standards.

  • “Virtually” place a test square on each slope to determine the scope of damage – without having to climb on the roof



I no longer have to scale ladders, chalk the roof, or walk the edges of the roof pulling tapes. I just fly the drone. Using the Kespry drone eliminates the fatigue factor and improves our ability to professionally inspect property damage claims.

Jim Grabowski

Jim Grabowski, Frontline Insurance

Kespry picks up everything, with detailed photos down to the granule. You clearly can see hail and we can zoom in and see the damaged areas. The data is good. It's great for presentations.

Phil Pratt

Commercial Consultant, Roofing Annex

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