10.06.2020 | Kespry

Are You Ready for Storm Season?

Much has been written and discussed about the use of drones in the insurance industry over the past several years, but it wasn’t until the response to hurricanes Harvey and Irma  that we witnessed drone operations at a major scale.

The insights gained from insurance carriers, independent adjusters, and roofing companies as they rushed to meet the needs of policyholders in Texas and Florida resulted in two significant outcomes:

1. Evidence of the tremendous value that aerial intelligence can deliver to P&C claims when responding to storms.
2. A proven model to implement drone technology most effectively.

As a result, many leading companies are now accelerating their evaluation and implementation of drone programs to “take charge of storm season”. They are leveraging aerial intelligence to:

– Reduce loss adjustment expenses through a more efficient claims process
– Improve the customer experience through faster repairs and rebuilds
– Increase safety for adjusters and roof inspectors

While storm response has proven to be one of most successful use cases for drones in insurance, not all solutions are created equal. Many companies have discovered that cobbled together “DIY” solutions or third-party service providers come with risks, inaccuracies, and unpredictable results. In addition, these models can require significant internal resources, expensive hardware upgrades, and other hidden expenses that ultimately result in a higher total cost of ownership.

To effectively handle the surge in claims from storms, the most successful organizations are rolling out complete, end-to-end drone systems to their existing internal workforce. Because these solutions are accurate, efficient, and easy to use, this “in-house” model enables fast scaling from initial pilot programs to full production. They benefit from an automated claims workflow, consistent, high quality results, faster claims settlements, and lower loss adjustment expenses.

A Storm Season Checklist Can Help

2020 is shaping up to be a very important year as the industry continues to learn the requirements to build successful aerial intelligence programs for storm response and the resulting mass adoption of drones in insurance.

To learn more about how leading companies are taking charge of storm season with Kespry’s industrial drone solutions, download our Storm Season Checklist.