Earthwork progress tracking and construction jobsite mapping

An efficient, simple way for contractors to collect survey-grade topographic information and ongoing jobsite data.

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Kespry data management platform

Kespry makes site progress tracking more efficient. Resources are better managed. Downtime is reduced. Projects are more often kept on schedule and under budget. The Kespry Drone flies autonomously - no joysticks or piloting needed.  It collects high-resolution aerial images and GPS data that is wirelessly transferred to the Kespry Cloud for automatic processing.

Your superintendents, project managers and survey managers can use Kespry daily to produce accurate 2D and 3D surface data for use throughout the project. Pre-construction topographic surveys, project estimates, civil survey designs, project earthworks volume tracking, as-built surveys - all your data available online whenever, and wherever, you need it.

The Kespry Cloud, fueled by daily Kespry UAV flights, allows us to measure and communicate daily progress across our construction sites.

Peter Sosnowski
Preconstruction Director,
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Pre-construction survey and quantity take-offs

From a 'greenfield state', data collected with Kespry can serve as the foundation for the project design. Kespry gives estimating teams interactive tools within the Kespry Cloud. Contractors, surveyors and designers can view, create and customize reports that evaluate pre-construction site topography, conditions, and volumes. Instead of third party maps that are often inaccurate or out-of-date, they have accurate, current information to work with.

Plus, georeferenced data can be used to perform takeoffs or respond to RFP’s directly in the Kespry Cloud. Want to export your data from the Kespry Cloud into CAD, Carlson, AGTEK, GIS or other 3rd party modelling and civil design software programs? No problem. Kespry supports export to over 30 of the most commonly needed file formats.

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Asset management

Critical Construction assets, such as building materials, equipment, temporary roads, and structures are easily identified and labeled with a high-definition Kespry map. In addition, stockpile and excavation volumes can be automatically calculated for earthworks projects. Your team has quick and easy access in the field to manage assets and allocate space for new resources, all within the Kespry Cloud.

Earthworks tracking and phase monitoring

With daily or weekly drone flights site project teams have an on-demand visual history of the latest excavation and construction progress, plus the tools needed to quickly calculate cut and fill volumes.

Progress topographies and surfaces from Kespry flights can be used on machine controlled projects. The survey-grade information keeps the data and design plans in machine control software up-to-date.

As-built surveys with Kespry provide on-demand elevation data of your site in an instant. You can perform quantity take-offs and compare surfaces quickly and more frequently - all completed in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the traditional cost.

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What Kespry customers are saying

The Kespry Cloud, fueled by efficient, repeatable Kespry UAV flights, allows us to quickly collect site information, process it, and deliver results to our customers.

Mark Power
Survey Team Leader,