04.07.2021 | Kespry

Superstorm Restoration Transforms Claims With Kespry

“Kespry is enabling Superstorm Restoration to change people’s lives for the better. We’re getting their claims assessed and paid out faster than ever. Kespry is a cornerstone of our business and we’re growing rapidly as a result.”
—Chandler Steffy, Owner, Superstorm Restoration

Starting Point
Superstorm Restoration specializes in storm damage inspection, assessment, and repairs. They handle claims for damage to commercial and residential buildings across Missouri, Colorado, and Iowa—many with steep and dangerous slopes. The company wanted a faster, more productive, and safer way of conducting and assessing inspections that could scale with its business growth.

Superstorm Restoration needed a drone-based system capable of autonomously inspecting rooftops with analytics delivered from the cloud. It also wanted the ability to make rapid claims decisions with full customer transparency that could be provided to insurance companies with complete accuracy and reliability. Superstorm Restoration also wished to lower its costs per inspection and increase daily inspection capacity.

The entire Kespry process from flyover to assessment can take as little as one hour

Superstorm Restoration approached Kespry to discuss its drone-based aerial intelligence platform after a comprehensive survey of the industrial drone landscape. With many roofing companies across the country using Kespry, it was clear the Kespry solution was achieving valuable benefits for its customers.

The Kespry team visited Superstorm Restoration at its Des Moines, Iowa headquarters, and conducted a full-fledged, real-world demonstration of the Kespry drone-based aerial intelligence platform at several inspection sites. Superstorm Restoration rapidly understood how Kespry was capable of dramatically reducing the time it takes to inspect roofs and inform customers of any urgent or preventative work that needs to be done. For residential properties, the entire process was conducted in under one hour. The company also realized that using Kespry meant it could spend more time winning business and less time conducting individual inspections.

Superstorm Restoration also saw the benefits of the Kespry Cloud and its ability to rapidly deliver the analytics required to create assessments. After the Kespry drone captures and models the roof, it uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze the images and create a detailed report. The report provides annotated images, offering a complete overview of the roof, including damage assessment across its total expanse. The solution includes the industry’s most advanced hail detection capabilities, using Virtual Test Square (VTS) technology to rapidly map out an entire roof’s condition, including historically difficult-to-access points such as corners and the edges of steep or high slopes. The Kespry drone, combined with the Kespry platform’s artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, ensure all damage, including issues manual inspections often miss, are captured.

The company also saw how Kespry reduces the amount of time employees need to be on rooftops, creating a safer work environment.

Kespry aerial view of Superstorm Restoration
residential property inspection perimeter

After implementing Kespry, Superstorm Restoration experienced a rapid increase in claims processing efficiency and its ability to deliver a streamlined customer experience. One of its first major jobs was a project for a nationwide Fortune 50 insurance company. The insurer worked with Superstorm Restoration to inspect 70 buildings. It was able to inspect the first seven in just 2.5 hours, saving the insurer two-and-a-half days of company time. They immediately approved the damage claims and the value of Kespry was apparent to everyone involved.

One of Des Moines’ biggest property owners learned of how satisfied Superstorm Restoration’s customers were and reached out to it to assess weather-related damage to dozens of his 3,000-plus apartment units. His property company used Superstorm Restoration and its Kespry platform to get 80 buildings approved for new roofs, totaling more than $4 million in claims.

The overall impact of Kespry on Superstorm Restoration’s productivity and safety is also significant.

“We’re experiencing an average of 60-75 percent time savings during our inspection process since implementing Kespry,” said Chandler Steffy, Owner, Superstorm Restoration. “If we have to get a harness up, climb up and work a roof, it can take us up to 90 minutes to do an inspection. With Kespry, we can conduct the inspection in as little as 10 minutes. The estimate can be done in as little as 15-20 minutes. And the whole job can be completed in under an hour. It also means a lot more safety. We don’t have to deal with steep roofs. I care about my team and their safety and now, I don’t have to worry about them climbing roofs.”

Superstorm Restoration’s business is rapidly expanding since implementing Kespry. In 2019, the company is on track to inspect a minimum of 20,000 squares, reflecting millions of dollars in business.

“We can’t ever imagine going back to the old way of assessing roofs,” said Steffy. “If you’re in this business and you haven’t already grasped technology like Kespry, you’re behind. Our competitors that don’t use Kespry don’t know what hit them.”

Kespry Inspection Benefits:

  • 60-75% inspection time savings
  • Inspection-to-claims submission in as little as an hour
  • Residential and commercial capabilities
  • Eliminates dangerous inspections of high and steep slopes
  • Accurately captures difficult roof corners and edges
  • Autonomous flights—no joysticks needed
  • Artificial Intelligence-based hail detection

Learn more about Kespry’s roof inspection solution.

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