Inspect, Analyze, and Understand in Minutes

Kespry’s drone-based aerial intelligence platform provides comprehensive roof assessments in minutes. Safely inspect any roof, capture ultra-high resolution images, and automatically get accurate measurements—all without having to climb on the roof.

Inspect Any Property in Minutes

Drone Inspections
Kespry’s flexible, automated workflows include —
  • Fully-autonomous flights to ensure the safest, highest-quality results
  • Mobile tools and AI technology to deliver data within minutes of flight
  • Fully-dimensioned wire frames, 3D roof models, and automatically-generated reports

Download our guide “Drone Programs for Residential Inspections” to learn more.

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Roof Assessment and Maintenance

Kespry’s automated drone platform eliminates bias, safely delivering the true roof condition of residential, multi-family, and commercial properties.

  • Detailed imagery and accurate measurements in minutes
  • Unbiased information all parties can trust

View the study confirming Kespry’s measurements are 99% accurate: “Haag Roof Measurement Accuracy Report.”

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Faster Estimates and Repairs

Customer service and trust are critical to winning business in the roofing industry. With the automated Kespry solution, you benefit from:

  • Fully-dimensioned wireframes to quickly prepare estimates
  • Unbiased images and reports to share with customers

Check out our case study “How Complete Roofing Transforms Roof Claims with Drone Technology” to learn more

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With Kespry, we can knock out an average inspection in about 15 minutes. With the drone, I have the data right there. I can look at it on-site and make decisions on the spot.

Chuck Tremain

Property Large Loss Specialist

Kespry picks up everything, with detailed photos down to the granule. You clearly can see hail and we can zoom in and see the damaged areas. The data is good. It's great for presentations.

Phil Pratt

Partner, XAP 360

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