Haag Roof Measurement Accuracy Report

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Kespry first to receive Haag seal-of-approval for accuracy

Kespry is the first company to submit its enterprise drone system to Haag for independent evaluation and to receive the firm’s seal-of-approval for roof measurements.

The recent study found an average difference of just 0.6% – well within industry benchmarks for roof measurement – using the Kespry drone platform rather than traditional manual field measurement methods.

“Haag’s study showed that Kespry’s roof measurements are within the accuracy that has come to be expected within the industry,” said Justin Kestner, P.E., president / CEO and principal engineer with Haag. “Further, Kespry has demonstrated they can accurately measure a roof more safely and quickly than by hand, while greatly reducing any risk of damage to the roof or injury to the inspector.”

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