06.05.2018 | Kespry

SAP and Kespry Collaborate to Drive Seamless Data Integration on Construction Jobsites

You may not know it, but construction is as intensely data-driven as any other industry. Two disruptive technologies are industrial drone-based aerial intelligence and analytics, which combine to enable construction companies to boost productivity, transparency and create significant competitive advantages. In fact, construction is forecasted to be one of the most dynamic industrial growth sectors across the next 15 years. According to McKinsey Global Institute, the global construction industry will spend $57 trillion on infrastructure projects by 2030. A growth opportunity of this magnitude means the industry must adopt emerging technologies to enable it to meet elevating expectations.

Kespry is a prime example of how the construction sector is reinventing how the industry operates. Our industrial drones and aerial intelligence platform make jobsites more efficient by delivering continuous data and analytics for planning and operations. By using the Kespry platform, superintendents and project and survey managers can rapidly produce accurate 2D and 3D surface data for use throughout their projects. By bringing together pre-construction topographic surveys, project estimates, civil survey designs, earthworks volume tracking, and work-in-progress surveys into one platform, all of that data is available online whenever and wherever it’s needed to ensure projects are on track. And that means construction resources are better managed and downtime is reduced—driving at the heart of “on-time and on-budget.”

Collaboration between SAP and Kespry platforms is a great enabler for innovative contractors as they move toward running an intelligent enterprise. Data capture is half the battle. Insight into action with business processes tied to this data is game changing. Customers can automatically trigger work orders, adjust schedules and more. Leveraging SAP Leonardo will allow machine learning to analyze this data and create safer and more productive jobsites.

“Kespry is excited to be part of SAP’s intelligence enterprise ecosystem,” said George Mathew, CEO and Chairman, Kespry. “By leveraging SAP’s Cloud Platform, we are able to deliver aerial intelligence converging with business systems for industries starting with construction and mining.”

Kespry enables the historically analog jobsite to transform into a fully-digitized jobsite that facilitates real-time communication and collaboration using consistent, reliable and highly-accurate surface data. In addition, the back office benefits from full visibility into daily workflows and a trusted view into the daily utilization of assets, equipment and human resources.

Kespry is significantly enhancing the performance of forward-thinking construction customers in ways that deliver tangible, profitable results. Further, their workforces are able to better realize the human potential in their business. Drone technology also increases employee safety by eliminating the need for workers to climb tall, unstable structures in progress and stockpiles.

Ultimately, Kespry delivers better, more detailed information that enables construction companies to make smarter decisions that benefit employees and customers alike.