04.11.2018 | Kespry

Drones for the Building Season

For many earthworks contractors it’s a race against time to finish a project on time, within budget, and before the end of the building season. To successfully accomplish this goal, they must tackle each project with a clear plan and optimized schedule while carefully monitoring the progress throughout the project. The biggest challenges contractors usually face are discrepancies in grading plans vs. existing conditions, and inaccurate methods to accurately track and document earthwork quantities and performed work. The consequences are not only time delays that squeeze the schedule, but also extra costs attributed to rework and incurred trucking.

The construction industry constantly looks to technology to overcome these challenges. Today there is a new demand for efficiency, and the combination of those technologies of the past does not meet the needs of current earthwork operations. Earthwork contractors have been able to see an increase in their productivity with advancements in machine control. But by itself, machine control cannot ensure your project is on time and within budget. Similarly, relying on 3rd party surveyors or in-house surveys with traditional survey equipment limits potential.

Earthwork contractors and construction firms are now looking to end-to-end commercial drone systems to solve these challenges. Commercial drones deliver a huge advantage by collecting survey-grade data on demand and processing data in just a few hours. Further, because the drone flies high above active operations, worker safety is improved.

With a commercial drone system like Kespry’s Aerial Intelligence platform, Earthworks contractors are ensuring project success before it begins and accurately tracking progress throughout the lifecycle. The all-inclusive package includes an industrial built drone, GNSS base station, completely automated data processing, and earthworks analysis software – enabling earthwork contractors to reliably perform their own complete site surveys without laying ground control points.

The Kespry drone system is being used to ensure a successful project throughout the building season – from Pre-Construction, to Grade Management, to Earthwork Documentation.