03.23.2021 | Kespry

Kespry Product Updates: 3-Pass & Inflight Insights

Our engineering team has been hard at work making sure the Kespry platform evolves for our customer’s businesses and for the industry as a whole, so we’re excited to announce two new product updates!

3-Pass // Faster, High Precision Roof Inspections

A new feature benefit for our insurance/roofing customers is improved roof inspections. This update increases operator productivity by up to 50 PERCENT, and reduces costs by enabling inspection of more properties per day.

New Benefits are:

  • Reduced roof inspection times by optimized flight path and speed
  • Accelerated high-precision 3D roof model generation by minimizing image capture sizes with zero accuracy loss
Kespry 3-Pass
Kespry 3-Pass

Real-Time, Inflight Insights for Flight Operators

This feature update is for our insurance and mining & AGG customers.

The release reduces the number of reflights needed by providing actionable insights into issues encountered during flight execution. This increases flight mission success rate because it enables the operator to understand inflight issues and take corrective actions early on.

We’re looking forward to announcing a few other releases coming up soon, so make sure to keep an eye out!

If you’d like more information on 3-Pass or Real-Time, Inflight Insights, and you’re a Kespry customer, please reach out to your CSM, or contact us at support@kespry.com.

If you’re not a Kespry customer but would like to see more about the Kespry platform, you can request a demo here.