09.14.2020 | Kespry

How Kespry’s Enterprise-Grade Inventory Management Enables Users

Kespry’s inventory management experience supports direct file import of third-party sales and production data. This system functionality enables mining and aggregate companies to further reduce end-of-year write-downs and avoid missed revenue opportunities by using a single system to successfully manage, monitor, and reconcile inventoried materials across multiple sites.

Combined with our flexible flight model, teams are able to fly as often as needed for a quick inventory check or regularly-scheduled audits. The data from the Kespry system comes with the highest level of reliable accuracy. And when combined with recent production and sales data, companies are able to quickly catch any inventory discrepancies before overproduction or sales order issues occur.

This feature results from Kespry’s dedication to its customers by providing the most easy-to-use and complete survey solution in which sales teams, operation teams, accounting teams, and survey teams all have immediate access to current status inventory levels when they need it.

How it works
A single workspace within the Kespry Cloud allows teams to manage, monitor, and reconcile data on sites they have surveyed with the Kespry system. Sales and production data from common ERP systems such as SAP BW®, Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne®, and ViewPoint® can be directly imported into the Kespry Cloud. Additionally, complete product lists that are defined by SKU, product name, and density can be uploaded and applied to any site.

These capabilities mean users can accurately:

  • Manage product data – Import complete product lists or manually enter new products on the fly and assign minimum target levels across all sites.

  • Monitor target inventory levels – Visually identify product target level status with threshold alerts for all sites and products

  • Reconcile sales and production data – Directly import production and sales data and perform reconciliation against perpetual inventories calculated by the Kespry system.

The enterprise-grade inventory management system enables customers to increase their profitability with a new set of features to better manage inventory data within a single online database. Direct import of product and ERP system of record data into the Kespry Cloud allows teams to reduce complicated and less accurate workflows within multiple systems that typically cost time and risks sales revenue. With Kespry, teams have the most accurate and reliable method to manage, monitor and reconcile stockpile inventory levels as often as they need.