10.02.2018 | Kespry

Xactimate®-Compatible File Integration Further Accelerates Residential Roof Claims

As the insurance industry rapidly adopts drones to bring efficiency and cost savings to roof claims, there are still opportunities to streamline the overall process.

“With the need to resolve claims faster and more cost-effectively, our large insurance carrier customers asked Kespry to seamlessly integrate with their entire claims workflow.”
George Mathew, Kespry CEO and Chairman.

Helping our customers to achieve this goal, Kespry has developed the ability to pass highly-accurate roof dimensions from a drone inspection into Xactimate® to complete repair estimates. Until now, the estimating step of the workflow had been disconnected, requiring the manual steps of sketching the roof and inserting dimensions from a potentially out-of-date roof report or physical measurements. This new capability enables an adjuster to use the Kespry drone-enabled roof inspection solution to resolve a claim faster and at an even lower cost.

Currently, insurance carriers are spending millions of dollars each year on third-party roof reports in order to plug data into their Xactimate® estimating software. Often, they must wait days to receive the data in these reports before they can complete the estimate needed to resolve a claim. Kespry approached this challenge by working with several of the top-10 residential insurance carriers to fully understand their requirements and build a more efficient solution.

The Kespry system already produces highly-accurate wireframes and full roof dimensions from the data captured by the drone flight. The newly developed capability passes this comprehensive roof data into Xactimate® in a matter of minutes, eliminating both manual tasks and the need to purchase third-party roof reports. In Xactimate®, the adjuster benefits from a completed sketch of the roof, along with area calculations and the number of squares of material needed for each face. This dramatically reduces the time it takes to complete the estimate and get the repairs started.

This latest capability demonstrates Kespry’s dedication to the continued enhancement of our industry-leading solution for insurance inspections. We will continue to work hard to streamline the claims workflow and ensure the success of our customers.

See the press release announcing the Xactimate® integration.

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