03.08.2021 | Kespry

Why Off-Season Prep for the Roofing Industry is Important

[Webinar] Why Off-Season is the perfect time to focus on new technology

Popularity of drone technology within the roofing industry has been blossoming for the past few years, with more and more P&C insurers readily adopting the technology. In 2020, we saw that establishing and maintaining operations, especially in the midst of COVID-19, created a larger need for drone platforms that helped socially distance workers and clients across industries. While allowing teams to work more safely, the technology increases inspection efficiency, unlocks higher inspect to win ratio, and boosts claims acceptance percentage based on the transparency and completeness of the reporting generated.

Roofing companies are preparing for the next season now, integrating our partner, XAP 360’S, solution into their business so they can spend the off-season learning and adopting the technology, allowing their contractors to standardize processes, define duties and roles required with drone technology and be able to scale bringing on new people for training. By doing this now, it gives companies the opportunity to hit the ground running when it matters most.

XAP 360 is doing solid work in the space, and they, along with their customer Shane Lynch of Storm Guard Roofing, will be hosting a webinar on Wednesday, March 31st where they’ll be discussing why off-season is the best time to focus on processes, new technology, and integrations, and how by correctly implementing the XAP solution, you can realize the full value of the technology and positively impact your business.

Webinar Details
Date: Wednesday, March 31st
Time: 10am PT / 1pm ET


If you’d like to read more about our partner, XAP 360, and what they’re doing, we had an insightful interview with them and Legacy Restoration in February that is worth the read and available here.