01.21.2021 | Kespry

How XAP360 & Drone-Based Inspections Impact Legacy Restoration’s Success

As Kespry kick’s off the new year we wanted to turn focus to our roofing channel partner, XAP360, who showed steady usage and growth in their customer base despite the challenges shelter-at-home orders brought to a community whose offering of drone-based inspections requires them to be at your home. Phil Pratt (XAP360 Founder) and Garrett Martinez (Sales Manager, Insurance & Roofing Channels) wanted to sit down with one such XAP provider who did just that: grew in a period when many businesses looked to consolidate. Legacy Restoration is an award-winning team of roofers, remodelers, and storm damage restoration experts based out of Plymouth, MN. As a multi-state restoration organization, Legacy Restoration has been recognized as a perennial leader in the roofing industry; taking their place in the country’s top 100 contractors for the past 5 years running. 

We sat down with Tom Hennessy (Field Technician) and Todd Adam (Sales Manager) on the Legacy team to talk about how they’ve been able to be so successful. Let’s check out some of what was discussed:


[Kespry] Many of XAP’s providers had a shortened season this year due to Covid stay at home orders and yet you were able to not only grow your customer base but we saw XAP providers’ inspection activity also significantly grow from the same time period last year. Where do you attribute this success? 

[Phil // XAP360] I attribute the growth to a combination of a more widespread acceptance of new technologies in a traditionally antiquated industry and out of necessity to continue business in the middle of a pandemic through our touchless/virtual drone-based inspections capabilities.

[Kespry] How did your relationship with Legacy start and why did you know they would be a good fit for the program? 

[Phil // XAP360] We first met Legacy early on as one of our first adopters.  They were looking to expand their multi-family division and their mindset and our platform was an easy fit.

[Kespry] You’ve been utilizing the XAP solution for almost 2 years now. What’s different about utilizing this solution from your previous inspection and selling process? 

[Legacy] We had XAP early on for the official multi-family dept, so only have limited comparison. The main difference is the report for presentation, which definitely has helped us get deals.

[Kespry] Generally most contractors are turned off by adopting the XAP program in the winter because bad weather prevents them from being able to fly the drone. What are you doing right now and in the coming months to prepare for storm season? 

[Legacy] We are standardizing much of the processes/procedures and defining the duties and roles of the drone tech in conjunction with bringing on and training new people.

[Kespry] Can you add on about how XAP prepares the provider’s business now so that they’ll hit the ground running in March 

[Phil // XAP360] We understand that a good portion of our customer base operates seasonally due to climate limitations so we started offering the ability to train and build out their sales process during the winter months.  This sets the table for a successful rollout in spring once the season opens back up.

[Kespry] What has changed about your business roadmap as a result of implementing the XAP program? 

[Legacy] We are now structuring a maintenance department and offer maintenance plans.

[Kespry] What have you been able to achieve utilizing the XAP360 platform? 

[Legacy] Largely we have been able to significantly increase revenue and business goals. XAP has been a huge player in attaining new business and growing our multi-family division.

[Kespry] What would you tell someone considering to use XAP360 as their drone-based inspections solution? 

[Legacy] It is a fantastic tool/resource all around. I genuinely cannot fathom doing what we do without it at this point.

[Kespry] Is there anything else you would like to comment on or say about the XAP360 platform? 

[Legacy] I have nothing bad to say about XAP and Kespry. The product/service has allowed us to attain business that we would not have gotten without it, and the people have been nothing less than great to work with – from the owner at the top to the software engineers, tech support, and customer service – the culture is fantastic and are all around a very real pleasure with whom to be in partnership.


We were really inspired by the conversation with Legacy, and how much impact drone technology has had on their success. We’ve seen stories like this pop up more over the past two years, with data, new technologies and processes becoming the norm inside the insurance and inspection industries. Kespry and XAP360 both look forward to continuing to be leaders in the drone analytics space, providing the tools, information and technology that enable our customers to improve safety, reduce expenses and deliver more accurate results.

If you’d like to learn more about what XAP360 does, you can check out their ProScan Platform that’s used and trusted by both residential and commercial clients.