07.29.2021 | Kespry

The Future of Roof Inspections with Drone Technology

Insurance claim adjusters – get ready to keep both feet firmly on the ground. With drone technology and roof inspections, there is now the removal of inherent risk climbing on roofs while improving the claims process and improving the customer experience. 

In a highly competitive market in which price and value are being driven by the consumer, insurers are turning to innovative ways to drive down costs. Aerial Intelligence, drones and cloud technology are helping make roof insurance inspections and claims adjudication a more efficient, productive part of insurance claims operations. By removing the risks to claims teams that are associated with roof inspections, there are noticeable reductions to claim losses – particularly workers’ comp-related claims. Plus, faster claims resolution makes for happier customers, which directly improves customer satisfaction and retention. More efficient claim handling, lower risk, and increased productivity benefit both the customers and the industry.

Insurers are creating value within their adjuster team by implementing technology that helps reduce or eliminate injury. That’s critical – particularly in a market that has forced some companies to reduce internal expenses wherever possible in a tight market. With expenses being cut, insurers are finding that the solution to keep costs low and keep workers safe has been to take the adjusters off the roof completely. 

Roof damage in particular poses plenty of risk for the adjuster. Ladders tipping, missteps that cause falls, and slippery roof slants are just some of the dangers adjusters face on a daily basis. In such a demanding situation where insurers want to keep standards high while reducing both cost and risk, they’re looking for better alternatives. One such solution that is gaining traction is utilizing drone technology.

Due to automated drone technology from companies like Kespry, drone roof inspection is becoming a more efficient, safer, and productive piece of the adjusting process.

Insurance Claims Management

Drone-based Aerial Intelligence platforms can speed up claim decisions for policyholders and insurers. This solution delivers safe, accurate, and transparent roof assessments that reduce loss adjustment expenses and improve the customer experience. Some additional benefits of implementing drone technology include:

  • Onsite delivery of inspection and damage data within minutes
  • Industry-standard damage assessment tools for on-site claims decisions
  • Highly-accurate AI models to identify damage to dramatically reduce manual tasks
  • Faster data processing and mobile tools can deliver damage and inspection data within minutes
  • Virtual test squares support touchless, on-site claims decisions
  • Data and analysis can be shared with the claimant while the adjuster is at the property, adding transparency to the decision-making process

Roof Damage

Smart inspections are transforming how companies inspect roofs by dramatically reducing the time spent on each building while improving the customer’s experience. The fully-autonomous system improves safety, reduces loss adjustment expenses, and delivers more accurate risk assessments.

Whether creating an estimate or providing maintenance recommendations, with drone technology you can inspect any residential or commercial property in minutes. Highly-detailed images, accurate roof measurements, and full reports provide transparency to clients while reducing the time spent inspecting each roof.

  • Eliminate ladder risks
  • Deliver comprehensive reports
  • Prevent losses and inform underwriting decisions with incredibly high-resolution aerial and thermal imagery to identify exposures
  • Inspect 3 times as many properties per day
  • 99% + dimensional accuracy compared to traditional methods

The intersection of roof inspections and drone technology are becoming mainstream. What was manual and dangerous years ago is now faster, more efficient, and keeping workers’ boots on the ground. Not only will adopting drone technology for your roof inspections provide better data and faster claims, but it will put you ahead of the competition and ahead of innovation in the field. 

You can learn more about the Kespry Platform and our inspection offerings at Kespry.com and our Resources Hub.