05.02.2018 | Kespry

Ironclad Excavating Selects Kespry’s Industrial Drone-Based Aerial Intelligence for Construction to Support Business Growth and Profitability

Leading Indiana-based construction company uses Kespry aerial intelligence platform for site topographic surveying, production tracking and undercutting measurement

MENLO PARK, Calif. – May 2, 2018 – Kespry, the leading drone-based aerial intelligence solution provider, today announced Ironclad Excavating, a Roanoke, IN-based construction company, is using Kespry across its business to drive profitable growth and operations through topographic analysis, inventory management, production tracking, and undercutting measurement. Ironclad Excavating chose Kespry because of its granular measurement and management capabilities, as well as for its ease of use.

“Kespry’s end-to-end, complete solution is critical for us,” said Justin Geiger, Technology Specialist, Ironclad Excavating. “Kespry owns and manages the whole solution for us and its team is extremely responsive. The Kespry system lets us know exactly how much dirt we’re moving and if we’re behind or ahead of schedule. If we’re not moving as much dirt as we think we should be, the Kespry data means we can answer questions like ‘If it’s not weather, then what’s the issue?’ Now, we can easily track production and provide information to the developers we work with so they’re confident in our work.”

“Ironclad Excavating’s success with the Kespry aerial intelligence platform showcases the significant impact it can have for construction companies of all sizes,” said Paul Ross, Vice-President of Marketing, Kespry. “Companies like Ironclad Excavating are using Kespry to transform their operations by ensuring they and their customers know exactly what work needs to be done from day one and accurately track progress, and therefore costs, right through to completion.”

Ironclad Excavating also chose Kespry because of how easy the platform was to deploy. The Kespry aerial intelligence platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to deliver new insights and accelerate operations in industries such as construction, mining and aggregates. This complete platform enables customers to create and deploy missions for its autonomous drone with simple taps on an iPad and then easily capture, analyze and share survey-grade data and insights, using the Kespry cloud.

“It was just amazing how simple it was to set up the Kespry system,” said Geiger. “There are still drone companies that require you to manually mark targets for the area you want to survey. The fact that with Kespry you set up the survey area on the iPad and the data comes back so fast is fantastic.”

The Kespry aerial intelligence platform also enables Ironclad Excavating to better track over-excavation, also known as undercutting, which is common on job sites with poor soil conditions. The Kespry cloud provides online data access from any web browser for rapid access to all recent flight data which reveals changes in grades on any project. This allows project managers to accurately track the amount of material removed and replaced.

“Kespry offers a way for us to put our customers minds at ease,” said Geiger. “It’s more accurate. I can fly the area in question and then they can start or continue filling the area back up with good material. So, now we know exactly the extent of any undercutting.”

Geiger and Ross will both be speaking about the benefits of industrial drone technology in construction at the BuiltWorlds Machines Conference. The event explores the future of construction tools, equipment and machinery. The event takes place May 3rd at 9am in Kasbeer Hall at the Corboy Law Center in Chicago. Ross and Geiger are part of a session titled “Demolition, Site Work and Drones,” which includes discussion on the new roles autonomous devices like industrial drones are playing in the construction planning process.

To learn more, visit: https://kespry.com/solutions/construction

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