12.17.2018 | Kespry

Kespry at Work: 2018 Year in Review

Kespry takes customer success extremely seriously. Whether it’s hardware, software, service, or support, ensuring our customers across the aggregates, construction, insurance, mining, and pulp and paper industries are experiencing tangible benefits from Kespry is our first priority.

We couldn’t be more pleased with what we’ve heard from our customers this year. They constantly tell us Kespry is helping them be more efficient, productive, and safer than ever before—all while significantly elevating the financial and technological advancement of their companies.

For mining, aggregates, construction, and pulp and paper companies, Kespry is used for topographical analysis and inventory management. The construction sector also uses us for bidding, planning and managing earthworks operations, as well as producing grading plans.

Our technology is used by the insurance industry and roofing companies for roof inspections designed to reduce loss adjustment expenses and deliver more efficient claims responses. By using the Kespry platform, insurance adjusters and roofing professionals are improving client experiences, delivering more transparency and allowing faster repairs and settlements to occur. The latter is critical particularly in the wake of recent superstorms that have dramatically affected so many.

In 2018, we published 14 in-depth customer stories that dig deep into many of those use cases. They detail how our customers are using our aerial intelligence platform, the benefits they’ve experienced, why they chose us over competitors, and what the future holds for their deployment. You’ll find an overview below. Click on the customer name and you’ll be taken to their story.

Thanks to all our stellar customers for a fantastic year. And they’re much more than that to us. They’re our partners, our inspiration to keep taking things to the next level, and most importantly, they’re our friends.

APAC-Central: Mine Planning and Inventory Management
“Kespry allows us to get more rapid and consistent data. Scheduling quarterly updates for 25-30 operations was not a feasible idea with prior technology to get this kind of data in this kind of timeframe. Kespry has really made our lives easier. It’s also made everything a lot safer and we’re getting a lot better and more consistent data as we’ve improved our systems.”

Badger Mining: Mine Planning and Inventory Management
“The Kespry Drone and Cloud have made processes that took all day, literally take minutes. The drone not only saves us time, but promotes safety and accuracy. Both the drone and cloud are simple, user-friendly, and an asset to completing my work.”

Canada Building Materials: Mine Planning
“We chose Kespry because the system was so efficient at providing the information and capabilities we were looking for. A big factor was that the Kespry Cloud supports background data processing. It would have taken a lot of training if we had to get the images and then process them all ourselves, so the fact that Kespry has the Kespry Cloud and we don’t have to do the back-end processing is great. We’ve had great success this year. It’s been a great experience.”

Complete Roofing: Roof Inspections
“Kespry’s hail damage detection capability is just phenomenal technology. It offers that next level of annotation. For example, that little wind torn shingle or ripped off tab. We can go into the Kespry Cloud that’s so well built, annotate those things, generate a very comprehensive report in a matter of minutes, and our consultant now has a report that will inform the property owner on the proper action to take with their insurance carrier.”

D&T Excavation: Earthworks Project Management
“Everyone’s biggest nightmare is to bid a job and then find out that it’s something different than what you’re expecting. A lot of times, the existing contours or elevations we’re getting from an engineer could be outdated or based on some inaccurate, not detailed survey techniques. There’s supposed to be all this dirt there and then it ends up not being there. With Kespry, we can go out there and verify it without spending two or three days doing a topographical analysis with a GPS base and rover.”

Delta Companies: Mine Planning and Inventory Management
“Kespry really helps with accuracy. We can catch mistakes earlier. When we could only do inventory once or twice a year, if we found a huge discrepancy between the first and the last measurement, we had a big problem to resolve. Whereas tracking monthly, we can make the discrepancies much smaller, and we can catch them quickly because we know what’s actually there every month. It allows much more accurate inventory measurements.”

Dunham Price Group: Aggregates Inventory Management
“With Kespry, it takes 30 minutes to fly the entire site, versus 3-4 hours walking. It’s easier to share the results now. After walking the site, we had to input that data into an extremely messy Excel file that was extremely confusing to everybody else, but another thing that’s wonderful about Kespry is that the reports are so clean and neat in the Kespry Cloud that we can just email the report.”

E Construction: Aggregates Inventory Management and Annual Reporting
“I really liked the accuracy of Kespry and that it’s a subscription service, so we get updated technology. The technology’s changing so fast. We used to spend a lot on a less-accurate RTK GPS head that’s only good for four years and then we would have to re-buy the whole thing—not to mention the time required to train and get people up to speed on how to use it properly and accurately. It’s cut down on my frustration during our year-end inventory process.”

Fred Smith Construction: Construction Surveying
“Kespry is a complete game changer. Before, we were frantically trying to get out there and open up two weeks to be able to even do the topo, but now, we can handle this within a day. All I do is fly, and come back to the office. I don’t have to do any processing. Basically, the iPad that comes with the drone communicates to the Kespry system, and then sends the information back to Kespry. Kespry does all the processing, and then all the data is in the Kespry Cloud.”

Kemp Quarries: Mine Planning and Inventory Management
“The process now with Kespry is faster, more efficient and more accurate. It takes just 10 days to completely measure all 12 of our sites. I’ll get to each mine site on a monthly basis and fly each one to build an inventory list for each site to know how much we actually have in stock each month, and compare to past months to see how inventory is trending and couple with sales numbers to inform our production schedules.”

Mercer Celgar: Pulp and Paper Environmental Permit Management
“Using the Kespry drone is a helpful way to document how we track and manage our inventories and projects. Having the ability to survey at any given time allows us to see changes much more accurately and plan how to move forward based on results. Having multiple data points rather than only one survey every month or two gives a clear documented picture of landfill management.”

North Star BlueScope Steel: Steel Inventory Measurement and Reporting
“Before Kespry, we would walk a pile and measure the length and width, and estimate the height. The issue is our previous method didn’t account for contours. If I measured a pile by hand, I had to visually square the pile off, because a pile isn’t a perfect rectangle. With the Kespry drone, it can account for the contours, that you can’t do measuring by hand.”

Syar Industries: Aggregates Inventory and Production Management
“A key improvement is that Kespry delivers timely information. Within a few hours, we can see our missions in the Kespry Cloud and usually within a day or two we’ve got the polygons drawn and completed a full physical inventory. Also, that the products are being reported consistently is a huge improvement. The same products are being reported with the same densities year-over-year and across facilities. In the past, we experienced disparity, but now with Kespry, we have it centralized and under control.”

Wendling Quarries: Mine and Production Planning, and Inventory Management
“The biggest benefit of Kespry is efficiency—how fast we can go and fly a site. Before, when we were using just a stick, and we had to climb to the top of those piles, we wouldn’t do our inventories near as often. Now, we can go out and try to fly all our quarries once a month or once every other month, where we used to only maybe do it once a year.”