07.07.2021 | Kespry

Bringing your Existing Drones Over to the Kespry Cloud

Yes, you heard that correctly! You can bring your own existing drones to us, and be able to access and utilize the Kespry Cloud Platform.

If you’re currently using drones for mine planning or inventory management, you already know how useful the data can be, but the question is are you and your teammates getting the most of that information? It doesn’t matter if you’re in operations, management, planning, accounting or field inspection services, all teams in your company should have anytime access to frequent, accurate drone-based data, and if you don’t have Kespry, then your teams aren’t getting that.

Our BYOD [Bring your own Drone] Program has helped a slew of customers leave their existing drone data software vendor that wasn’t meeting their needs, and also opened doors for companies that had a drone they bought online or at Best Buy for aerial visuals, but weren’t able to get full analytical insight to help the business. We want to help the industry get the most of our their tools, and with Kespry no data goes unused.

Current Drones Compatible with Kespry Cloud

Kespry Supported Drones and Partners

If you’re interested in learning more about bringing your existing drones over or seeing a demo to see how Kespry’s drone-based Aerial Intelligence platform enables you to rapidly and accurately survey and analyze stockpile inventories and comprehensively track large-scale worksites, go ahead and schedule a demo below and we’ll show you how the platform can work for you!


If you’d like to look into the company more, head over to Kespry.com for more information.