08.26.2017 | Kespry

How Drones Amplify Human Potential

In companies of any size, a change in workflow – especially one that involves a new and unfamiliar tool – can be met with resistance from the existing team. The return on investment for drone technology is so strong, however, that it’s critical to make a case for introducing such a powerful tool. With the right platform and exposure to the ways drones make work easier, teams quickly realize that a drone solution can significantly increase productivity.

The Industry Expert Advantage

Drones are an incredibly efficient way of gathering data. The data insights, and the decisions that come from those actionable insights, are what give enterprises a competitive edge. Using an automated drone platform that doesn’t require piloting skills, like Kespry’s Aerial Intelligence Platform, means that the program can be staffed by a company’s existing industry experts.

Kespry’s drone can be operated with a few taps on an iPad. It represents a new workflow, but an easy one; the data gathering process that it replaces was far more time consuming and dangerous. Whether teams were previously walking up and down aggregate stockpiles to measure them, surveying construction sites on foot, or climbing up scaffolding on buildings to evaluate the roof, the drone allows experts to stay comfortably on the ground while gathering the valuable information they need.

Faster, Cheaper, Safer

“Faster, cheaper, safer,” is a common drone industry claim – but it rings especially true at the enterprise level. Construction sites, aggregate quarries or the peaks of multi-story buildings can all be dangerous workplaces.

A drone not only helps professional staff to get data faster but it also allows them to get data more cheaply and safely than before. John Davenport at Whitaker Contracting reports that they can accurately measure the volumes of stockpiles at one quarry in 10 minutes – compared to 2 days of difficult GPS work to cross-section the piles. Insurance companies performing roof inspections using drone technology can complete inspections five times faster – for 25% of the cost.

More Data, Better Insights

Because drone technology is faster, cheaper and safer for gathering data, more data becomes available. If an aggregates company previously measured inventory once a year, and can now easily measure every month, how much better will inventory management become? If a construction site previously provided progress updates to management once a week but can now do it easily at the end of each workday, how much more precisely will they be able to monitor their time, costs and budget? If an insurance company can perform inspections 5x faster, how much will data collection costs be reduced by?

When the drone has gathered the data, it needs analysis: and in a vertically integrated solution like Kespry’s this happens automatically. The data is uploaded directly and securely from the drone to the online Kespry Cloud, where it is translated into actionable data appropriate for the industry. This cuts out the manual process of transferring images and data from one platform to another with memory sticks and SD cards, and more quickly turns raw data into something usable: an inventory report, an insurance claim, or a topographic survey of a construction site. This streamlined process leaves even more time for industry experts to do what they do best: use that information to provide insights and make decisions that save time and money, while increasing safety.

An easy-to-use and tightly integrated drone solution like Kespry augments the efforts of industry experts, making their jobs easier and their output more effective.