08.27.2017 | Kespry

How Drone Technology Boosts P&C Customer Satisfaction

Here’s how drone technology can increase your customer retention rates.

Imagine a scenario in which your adjuster receives the claim, completes the inspection process and resolves the claim in a fraction of the time it used to take. What would that do for your customer satisfaction levels, and how would it impact customer retention?

That scenario is well within reach right now. By adding drone technology to your adjustment process, you can increase productivity and reduce the cycle time of claims resolution.

Five Steps to a Happy Customer

Here’s how it works: by adding a comprehensive automated drone technology solution, your adjusters can streamline their processes in a number of ways.

  • Safer adjusting. The Kespry Aerial Intelligence System eliminates the need for the adjuster to climb on the roof. Which means adjusters can perform inspections 5x faster. Not only are inspections completed faster, but the danger of inspecting roofs manually is virtually eliminated, which results in further costs savings. A fall from elevation averages $50,000 per incident; a fatality can cost $910,000 on average.
  • The full picture. The Kespry drone technology captures thousands of data points from the entire roof, giving adjusters a comprehensive view of roof damage. This vastly improves claims accuracy by expanding the inspection area to the whole roof, not just a single square on an individual slope. Insurers can now be confident they aren’t paying for unnecessary repairs or replacements, or missing roof damage that can be extremely costly if not repaired quickly.
  • Automatic data upload and processing. Once the drone lands, data is automatically uploaded to the online Kespry Cloud, where it’s processed and turned into 2D and 3D maps and models. Kespry Cloud delivers high-resolution imagery with 1mm resolution.
  • Automated, in-house reporting. The Kespry Cloud includes an automated reporting function, which generates reports within hours. This eliminates outsourcing reporting to a third party and reduces wait time from days to hours. The reports are comprehensive and adjusters can attach other files to the reports, making it easier to share all claim information with other team members. Companies can easily manage Kespry Cloud permissions to ensure data is only seen by those who need it.
  • Faster claims resolution. Because data is more accurate and timely, adjusters are able to resolve claims faster. This means days instead of weeks or months in many cases. With speed and accuracy improved, customers get better service and improved resolutions. Companies could see up to a 10% reduction in customer churn, which equates up to a 16% increase in profitability.

Improving Outcomes

Because the Kespry System is automated and customers are supported by a dedicated customer success team, adjusters can implement the technology quickly and easily. Using the included iPad, adjusters can generate a mission plan with a few taps and the drone does the rest. There are no joysticks or SD cards to worry about.

Adopting an in-house drone technology system can significantly improve your claims adjustment process, bringing more efficiency to your claims resolutions. When claims handling improves, outcomes improve, and that sends a message to your customers that their claim matters. When customers can see that you’re looking out for their interests, they’ll reward your company with loyalty.

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