11.22.2017 | Kespry

Drones in Civil Construction – Today and Tomorrow

Today, drones are being used across a wide variety of industries including agriculture, real estate, inspections, mining, and construction. These drones are on the cutting edge of technology, equipped with a variety tools that enable them to track site progress, locate and calculate volume of inventory on a site, and even physically assist with different aspects of a construction site.

At Kespry, we truly believe in the immense value that drones can provide to a variety of industries, and specifically the value of drones for construction sites. At the core of our product is the ease and simplicity of gathering high quality, actionable data.

Imagine being able to gather daily construction status, track your progress to completion, estimate timelines, track inventory and equipment, and be able to share this information in an interactive 3D environment with stakeholders around the world. This is no longer a vision in the clouds. Many aspects are available within the Kespry system today, with many more soon to become a reality.

Kespry Today

Using the Kespry system today, surveyors can get down to 2 cm of absolute accuracy, and cover over 150 acres in a 30 minute flight. The best part is the entire process, from end-to-end, is completely automated, providing site managers with high quality aerial insights. In addition to our flight capabilities, we’ve introduced a set of new earthwork features within the Kespry Cloud that allow our customers to compare sites against design plans, view progress over time, and easily calculate cut and fill volumes between missions.

Earthworks Tools Designed From Customer Feedback

Within the Kespry Cloud, customers can quickly align design plans and other project maps to a site to validate progress, track earthwork, ensure reclamation compliance, and more. In an effort to merge aerial insights with current earthworks projects and plans, we designed the product to be seamlessly integrated with customer’s current site plans, making it easier than ever for them to track site progress.

Watch the earthworks demo video.

The new compare workspace in the Kespry Cloud makes it easier than ever for customers to visualize changes to their site over time. A single flight is essentially a snapshot in time. Up until now, we’ve provided volumetrics based on a single flight, but by combining multiple flights together, we get much more in-depth analytics about site progress and earthworks. We designed this new feature to make it effortless for our customers to visualize the difference between their flights, and gain insights about their site over time. It’s no longer a single snapshot, but one of many across their entire site.

As always, we’ve focused on simplicity and efficiency with our newest capabilities, making it simple for our customers to achieve their business objectives using the latest technology.

Kespry Tomorrow

At the heart of Kespry, we’re a data and analytics company, providing our customers with accurate job site intelligence without complicating their existing workflows. We understand the impact these aerial platforms will have on the construction industry. The future of construction will be driven largely by automated and frequent aerial analytics, where drone data will  automatically deliver commands to an entire fleet of internet connected equipment to immediately act upon the revised plans.

At Kespry, we’ve taken the necessary steps to build towards that vision, and that future is far closer than it may seem.