07.26.2017 | Kespry

Customer Spotlight: Sharon Masek PG, PH – Superior Silica Sands

From an early age, Sharon was fascinated with agates. Thinking back on her childhood, she fondly remembers walking down the road with her grandma in search of interesting rocks.

This interest combined with a love of science led Sharon to pursue a Geology/Hydrogeology degree at The University of Wisconsin–River Falls.

A hydrogeologist for 26 years, Sharon has been the Manager of Mine Planning and Industrial Relations at Superior Silica Sands for four years. Superior Silica Sands is a leading frac sand supplier.

In addition to managing all activity related to permits, Sharon also works closely with their corporate office and other engineering companies.

Sharon’s team is using the Kespry Aerial Intelligence Platform for stockpile inventory management, measurement, and mine planning.

For mining companies who are considering drone technology, Sharon recommends focusing on the following questions:

– How large of an area do you want to map?

– How easy will it be to teach your team the system?

– Once the data is captured, how will it be processed, reviewed and shared?

– Is customer support offered?

Kespry is thrilled to be working with Sharon and the Superior Silica Sands team.