04.06.2018 | Kespry

Complete Roofing Transforms Roof Inspections with Kespry

Complete Roofing is a Residential and Commercial Roofing Company serving Georgia and Tennessee that is taking the lead to change the way roofing companies operate. Complete Roofing is committed to changing people’s minds about roofing.

“Roofing has had a negative reputation for far too long,” said Chad Conley, Executive Vice President of Complete Roofing. “It can be done better, and we can do it better, so that when people walk away from the process with us, they go ‘Wow. I had no idea there’s a company like that.’”

Complete Roofing deploys Kespry Aerial Intelligence Platform to provide transparency and excellent customer service. Complete Roofing flies Kespry Drones to safely provide a comprehensive view of a customer’s roof and uses the Kespry Cloud to identify damage and annotate images to create reports for detailed visual evidence for customers and insurance carriers.

“Our first core value is to be a trusted advisor. The Kespry Drone helps us live our first core value so well because we’re really stepping up the customer value. We’re giving you a look at your roof that nobody else is giving you. Right now, we’re the ones that can do it.” 

-Chad Conley, Executive Vice President, Complete Roofing

Complete Roofing uses Kespry to provide the customer a comprehensive view of their roof, able to spot damage that an inspector would not normally approach because it’s in a corner, on a steep slope, close to a high edge, or on a section of the roof that the inspector did not evaluate.

“Kespry’s hail damage detection capability is just phenomenal technology,” said Chad. “And there’s that next level of annotation. For example, that little wind torn shingle or ripped off tab. We can go into this cloud software that’s so well built, annotate those things, generate a very comprehensive report in a matter of minutes, and our our consultant now has a report that will inform the property owner on the proper action to take with their insurance carrier.” Complete Roofing uses the images to represent the homeowner’s case with the insurance company.

Chad explains that there are multiple benefits to using Kespry in his business. He describes the benefits of safety, speed to market, comprehensive images, automated hail detection, and increased sales productivity. Chad says, “This is a roofing company that’s going somewhere. Kespry is a force multiplier. It’s not just that it’s a drone that’s cool, and people think it’s neat. No, there’s like ten things that it does at once, and they’re all awesome.”

To learn more about Complete Roofing visit http://www.completeroofing.com.