06.04.2019 | Kespry

Bring Your Own Drone: Expand Drone Fleets with One Reliable Platform For Vertical Applications

Kespry recently released a new pricing and packaging opportunity that opens more doors for companies looking to expand their drone operations across multiple sites using their choice of Kespry-managed drones or bringing their own drone (BYOD).

So, what’s new in the pricing model? Feedback from customers revealed that increasing the frequency of drone surveys with access to more drones enables them to further increase efficiency and profitability.

The new flexible option lets companies have a drone on every site or have every inspection field team member equipped without the complexity of sharing drones.  

The new Platform/BYOD Package is now another option to our current end-to-end software + hardware bundled pricing package.

One Platform Fee
Our new model separates out drone hardware costs from the software platform fee. The platform fee covers automatic data upload and processing by Kespry and includes unlimited access to vertically integrated applications specific to each industry.

The fee is broken up in tiers based on the number of sites or properties needing coverage. Each tier comes with unlimited drone data – no limit on the number of drones used – and drones are purchased separately through Kespry or customers can bring their own drone.

Kespry is known throughout our vertical industries to deliver the highest quality hardware, software, support, and training. Upholding these high standards remains a top priority. Enabling customers to use approved DJI drones as part of the BYOD solution delivers even more and flexibility and confidence as companies roll Kespry out to larger, more complex operations.

New Pricing Solutions for Mapping

Enterprise Packages

This package is ideal for companies managing large fleets and high-frequency data collection for stockpile management and mine planning applications across multiple sites, regions, and countries.

New Pricing Solutions for Inspection

Residential Packages

Ideal for local roofing companies, regional insurance carriers with large geographic spread of employees, and regional/national insurance carriers that already have a hardware network.

Commercial Claims Packages

Ideal for commercial insurance carriers that have a risk management team with a handful of field risk managers who are responsible for providing detailed inspection reports on their book of business.

Commercial Industrial Properties

Ideal for property owner/managers who maintain a known inspection schedule across multiple properties.

With this new single platform fee and separately purchased drone model, customers now have more ways to frequently collect drone data for mapping and inspection purposes. They gain access to the best-in-class online software offering, delivering industry-specific applications that can be used across multiple teams throughout the organization.

To find out which package is best for your company’s needs, please contact us.