Complete Inventory Management

With Kespry drone data, aggregates and mining teams are more frequently measuring stockpiles and managing entire site inventories to confidently fill sales orders, better forecast production, and improve operations.

The new normal when measuring and managing stockpile inventory

Inventory Management
Using Kespry to manage inventory enables businesses to —
  • Increase revenue – Maximize P&L performance with more accurate and timely inventory data
  • Save time – Unify multiple inventory formats with standardized aerial data
  • Lower costs – Improve planning with timely inventory data

Read our whitepaper, “The Future of Inventory Management: Using Drone Technology to Manage Site Operations and Maximize Revenue” to learn more.

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Stockpile Measurement

On-demand, autonomous flights over stockpiles reduce the cost and reliance on third-party or manual measurement.

  • Improve reliability of data and calculate volumes within 1-3% of true volume
  • Visualize calculated base plane in 3D to ensure volumetric quality assurance
  • Verify elevation changes and measure linear distances all from a single workspace

Watch our on-demand webinar “Lehigh Hanson Uses Drones For Mining Operations” to learn more.

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Inventory Management

Regularly-captured inventory data is accessible for assigned team members in the Kespry Cloud anywhere in the world

  • Sales and operations teams can review ongoing inventory changes in near real-time
  • Directly share PDF and online reports for all sites and improve perpetual inventory awareness
  • Directly export files to company ERP systems to improve reconciliation between sales tickets and production output



Inventory at every location at RK Hall is going to get reported back to Summit. We are a public company, so we need to be transparent about everything, and we need to be consistent through all sites and measurements for auditing purposes.

Kris Lawson

Survey Manager, RK Hall, Summit Materials

This is a tool that as a global aggregates business, we definitely see as scalable and applicable in many countries and regions. It allows us to harmonize and standardize on practices and processes worldwide.

Neil Wells

Head of Land and Minerals, Heidelberg Cement

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