05.25.2021 | Kespry

What is a Touchless Inspection?

Insurance and industrial industries like mining and aggregates are no exception to the tidal wave that is digital transformation. Aerial Intelligence and drone technology have revolutionized these industries using analytics and high-resolution data to bring workflows into the 21st century. Having access to better data sets and time-saving tools has empowered many companies to want to innovate further with touchless inspection as the organic next step. 

Touchless inspection enhances internal transformation and customer experience by reducing the need for manual inspections and enabling safer interactions with co-workers and clients. This expansion of Aerial Intelligence is also introducing new ways to communicate with team members while improving efficiencies of site and property inspections across the mining, aggregates, and insurance industries – a win-win for everyone involved. 

Worker safety is at the top of the list for the rapid popularity of touchless inspection. Autonomous drones are at the forefront of these inspections with their ability to manage dangerous tasks, like roof inspections, and allowing employees to perform necessary functions while complying with a patchwork of new social distance guidelines brought on by COVID-19. However, even before the pandemic, touchless inspections were steadily becoming more popular as companies quickly realized they could improve accuracy and communication by utilizing Aerial Intelligence. The ability to share information rapidly and easily across worksites and geographies is just another advantage of implementing drone technology and touchless inspections into your everyday workflow. Here are the top features and benefits of touchless inspections and how it can make an impact on your business:

  • Fully Touchless Surveying and Inspection:  Drone-based surveying inspections enable insurance adjustors to arrive at the location of customers’ homes and dispatch an autonomous drone without any interaction with other workers, occupants, or property owners. In the mining and aggregates industry, field workers use drones measure the size and volumes of stockpiles with up to 80% more accuracy and manage inventory across all their sites.
  • Digital Communication: All communication between the parties can take place before the drone flight via phone, text, or email as they agree on a time, date, and electronically sign any necessary documents. Once the drone flight is completed, the team will get a text message notifying them that the job is done. 
  • Cloud-based Data: Data and images gathered by the drone are sent to a secure cloud for further processing. Everything captured and analyzed can be electronically distributed to colleagues, which is especially important in this era of distributed workforces. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are two important technologies which are leveraged to immediately analyze the gathered data and provide business insights for improved efficiencies.
  • Worker Safety:  Drone technology not only decreases the possibility of viral transmissions, but reduces potential liability related to infections and injuries. With touchless technology, there is no more climbing stockpiles, no more standing close to dangerous machinery, and no more getting on giant ladders or slippery, unstable rooftops.

A large part of touchless inspections is the use of drone technology. Kespry drone analytics was designed for single operators in the field to measure, map, survey and inspect on an independent basis, and many industries are already benefiting from implementing touchless inspections and drone analytics. Below are some examples of how touchless inspections are being used across these industries to increase efficiency and keep their workplaces safe. 

  • Insurance
    • Create a safer work environment for inspectors and adjusters
    • Reduce labor by having one person conduct a full roof inspection
    • Process claims at a faster rate, up to three times as many claims daily
    • Share data faster with underwriters and claim adjusters to help in decision making
    • Electronically sign off on documents 
  • Mining and Aggregates 
    • Touchless mapping and surveying done with less people and in less time
    • Simple to use inventory management and mine planning
    • Monitor the mission and receive live feedback from the drone without ever putting employees in harm’s way
  • Pulp and Paper 
    • Streamline processes into one integrated and touchless drone solution
    • Manage operations for mill yards and supply chains through more frequent and touchless surveys
    • Receive timely data, from the purchasing of fiber to managing customer expectations on product delivery, to the optimal planning of site layouts without ever exchanging hands
  • Process Industries 
    • Take off, fly, and land the drone with no contact other than an iPad
    • Receive automated insights including roof dimensions, and annotate directly on the high-resolution imagery and data
    • Measure quantities of stockpiled materials with extreme accuracy without the traditional manual process
    • Perform touchless site inspections on tanks, stacks, and structures

Kespry’s touchless technology and Aerial Intelligence platform not only delivers fast, efficient and accurate drone-based inspections but also helps keep you and your co-workers safe with touchless, single-person deployments at worksites. Implementing touchless inspections also provides a significant advantage against competitors, and those companies who are at the forefront will survive and thrive in the age of digital transformation. If you’d like to learn more check out our Resource Hub or contact us for a live demo.