On-Demand Webinar: Learn More about the Kespry Experience from Kespry Experts

We’ve said not all drone programs are created equal, and we stand by that. While there are quite a few drone solutions available, we’d like to show what puts Kespry above and beyond the competition. With Kespry’s aerial intelligence platform, you’re not only getting the data reliability, you’re benefiting from the complete Kespry experience, including our industry-specific tools, automatic platform updates, world-class customer support and the ability to keep workers safe with single person deployments at worksites.

You’ll hear from fellow Kesperian’s George Mathew, CEO & Chairman, Kavita Joshi, Senior Geospatial Information Scientist and Shanon Southwick, Senior Customer Success Manager as they discuss how Kespry, and our teams, enable customers to utilize a single source of aerial truth with our touchless, drone-based cloud analytics system.

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