The Future of Touchless Site Inspections Webinar

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Across the world, workforces are adapting to the “new normal” social distancing, with no let up in delivering on customer and business expectations. Regardless of which industry you work in, limiting COVID-19 exposure, ensuring safe spaces, and working from home are all key to business continuity in this challenging environment.

Kespry’s aerial intelligence platform not only delivers fast, efficient and accurate drone-based inspections, but also helps keep you and your co-workers safe with touchless, single-person deployments at worksites. Kespry’s purpose-built analytics enable non-technical teams to quickly evaluate data from home offices and share knowledge across business networks with ease.

With our on-demand webinar, see and hear real examples of how Kespry customers are benefiting from these techniques, and how to deploy a touchless, drone-based business model within your business.