Webinar: Increase Mine Operation and Site Planning Productivity and Profitability

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Using Kespry Aerial Intelligence to Help Make Critical Business Decisions

When it’s time to make critical business decisions for active mining operations, daily field results need to be accurate and available as soon as possible. The combination of unlimited automated drone flights and frequent earthwork calculations (without CAD software) enables site managers to confidently manage budgets, schedules, and overall site safety.

In this webinar, Harrison Construction details how they have used Kespry’s enterprise aerial intelligence platform to transform their business. It has streamlined site planning and decision marking, in turn making the company more productive and profitable. In this webinar, you will learn how site managers:

  • Improve the accuracy and speed to quantify the amount of material moved or blasted for active mining operations
  • Ensure mine plans are executed on time and budget through a faster and more cyclical assessment of remaining reserves
  • Frequently monitor conditions of site for regulatory compliance, safety, and logistical operations