Webinar: How Drones Drive Mining Sales, Operational, and Accounting Efficiency

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Irving Materials Highlights Their Success with Kespry

Aggregates and mining companies are adopting drone technology to minimize downtime and maximize productivity. With daily, weekly, or monthly flights, teams have the most accurate assessment of produced and stockpile materials throughout the entire site in a matter of minutes.

In this webinar, Irving Materials Aggregate Technical Services Coordinator discusses how the company has significantly improved productivity and profitability by partnering with Kespry. He also explains how managers across the mining industry can also achieve some of the following results:

  • Increase profitability with up-to-date inventory data and stock level alerts to drive operations and sales decisions
  • Reduce costly write-downs through fast, accurate inventory data reconciliation across systems
  • Improve sales and accounting readiness by integrating onsite inventory and ERP data in a single database