How Drones are Driving 1-Hour Roof Claim Decisions

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Getting to a Faster, Safer, More Accurate Claims Resolution.

In today’s roof claim world, insurance carriers and claims adjusters are forced to choose between either: 1) slow, inaccurate, and dangerous manual assessments of roof damage; or 2) using drone-captured data that take hours to process before being ready to use in a claim decision. Now there’s a third option: Accurate drone-based claims decisions in as little as 1 hour. Download our guide to learn how new on-site drone capabilities are accelerating claims decisions for policyholders and insurers, delivering safe, accurate, and transparent roof assessments. See how Kespry can drive claims decisions in as little as an hour with:

  1. Access to 3D roof damage models while on-site
  2. Virtual Test Squares on mobile devices within minutes of drone flight
  3. Flexible workflows for on-site claim resolution or desk adjusting