Drone Surveys for the Pulp and Paper Industry

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Improved accuracy, frequent site visibility, maximized efficiency.

On-Demand Webinar Discover how drone technology can improve your pulp and paper inventory processes. Join Kespry to learn about the advantages of using drone-based aerial intelligence to perform accurate, frequent, and safe inventory surveys at pulp and paper facilities. Key learnings focus on how drones:

  • Increase accuracy of woodyard inventories from 25% true volume to 1-3% true volume
  • Improve supply chain logistics through frequent real-time inventory assessments
  • Enhance production and storage yard operations through better visibility of current site conditions

“Using the drone is a helpful way to document how we track and manage our inventories and projects. Having the ability to survey at any given time allows us to see changes much more accurately and plan how to move forward based on results.” ~ Ruth Keyes – Environmental Manager – Mercer Celgar