11.09.2017 | Kespry

Kespry Partners with AirMap to Streamline Planning Safe, Compliant Drone Flights

As part of Kespry’s commitment to developing an open ecosystem, we’re excited to announce a new partnership with AirMap to streamline the mission planning workflow and ensure that flights are safe and compliant. Kespry is the first in the drone industry to integrate airspace intelligence from AirMap’s “contextual airspace” offering, providing drone operators with airspace information and advisories tailored to the exact specifications of each flight (location, operator certifications, worldwide controlled and restricted airspace, and flight-critical rules and restrictions).

This integration represents a significant transformation of the workflow, as it allows users to manage all flight planning directly within the Kespry app. Further, users will no longer have to enter the specifications of each flight each time they plan a mission – the app will auto-fill this information to save significant time and ensure accuracy. The contextual airspace information now available seamlessly within the Kespry flight planning app includes:

o   Airspace objects and boundaries (airports, stadiums, schools, wildfires, etc.)
o   Temporary Airspace Restrictions (TFRs) and Notices to Airmen (NOTAMs)
o   Global airspace rules and restrictions
o   Wind and weather conditions

Kespry customers are flying sophisticated missions and bringing new, aerial insights to industries like construction, mining, and insurance. This partnership equips every Kespry pilot with industry-leading AirMap airspace intelligence at their fingertips, which means they can quickly plan missions, fly with confidence, and spend more time on the work at hand.

See the partnership showcase video.

Read the press release.