11.27.2017 | Kespry

Kespry Named to JMP Securities’ Prestigious Efficient Fifty List

We’re extremely pleased to announce that Kespry and our relentless drive to transform industrial work via our aerial intelligence platform is highlighted in the recently released JMP Securities’new 2017 Efficient Fifty Report. For those that may not know them, JMP is a highly-influential investment banking firm focused on research, brokerage and banking services for high-growth companies and their investors.

The report was written by Joseph Osha, JMP’s Managing Director and Senior Research Analyst in charge of covering industrial and energy technology. The write-up underlines our commitment to enabling the digitization of industrial work through solutions that rapidly capture, measure and analyze drone-captured 3-D data models from mining, construction, insurance, and roofing sites—with many more applications to come. The report also notes Kespry is focused on exceeding customer expectations and serving as a partner to help drive profitability.

Here’s what JMP had to say about Kespry:

“Several of the companies in this report are bringing operational improvements to industries from surveying to agriculture to retail sales. The unifying theme is not just helping businesses earn more money, but also to act as customers expect them to. We were struck by the example of drone technology and service startup Kespry. Kespry is driving huge productivity improvements for surveying and imaging, which allows for better profits. As important, however, is the ability that mine operators now have to monitor properties in ways they couldn’t before, but that regulators and environmental activists increasingly demand. Insurance companies can use Kespry to process hurricane claims damage more quickly as a result of faster roof imaging.”

Thanks JMP! We’re honored to be included.

To obtain a copy of the report, please contact Joe Osha at JMP Securities.