06.10.2020 | Kespry

Kespry CEO George Mathew on Using Remote Work to Propel Business Forward

Our CEO George Mathew has just appeared in two major news stories, providing comprehensive perspectives on how remote work can be harnessed to drive employee productivity, engagement and satisfaction.

In both the San Francisco Chronicle and Silicon Valley Business Journal, George talks about how the COVID-19 crisis has required companies to create a working environment that delivers an optimal experience for employees.

George describes how Kespry has been moving towards a distributed workforce in recent times and how the current reality has spurred the company to embrace that philosophy more deeply. He also looks at the benefits of having more hours in the day to get work done and focus on customers, as well as experiencing relief from Bay Area commuting congestion.

Lastly, George looks at how more and more customers are embracing Kespry’s Touchless drone-based analytics approach that enables mapping, surveying and inspection processes to take place while remaining fully compliant with social distancing requirements.

Read the San Francisco Chronicle feature here and the Silicon Valley Business Journal story here.