08.26.2020 | Kespry

Experience Stockpile Measurement and Inventory Management with a Free Trial

The free Kespry Cloud Trial enables anyone interested in our purpose-built Aerial Intelligence platform to experience Kespry’s seamless workflow for evaluating stockpile inventories. The trial is a guided walkthrough on how to quickly measure stockpiles, view volume calculations, and generate a PDF downloadable report in minutes for multiple sites.   

Inventory management, site planning and mine operation activities require frequent tracking and monitoring to increase profitability and optimize on-site efficiencies. With a single accessible data platform, aggregates and mining teams across multiple departments, states, regions or countries can now reliably see current inventories, accurately reconcile sales data and frequently evaluate earthwork in a standardized format.

How it Works
Once new users have signed up for the free trial, they’re given access to the Kespry Cloud where a wizard walks them through the steps how to quickly measure and manage materials on a site.

1. Using the automatically generated Digital Surface Model (DSM), identify the toe of the stockpile to create a boundary and place base points for the baseplane.

2.  Assign a density to the stockpile or choose a material type stored in the inventory database.

3.  View the automatically-calculated volume and mass of the stockpile.

4.  Run an Inventory Report for all stockpiles on the site.

The aggregates, mining, and construction industries continue to look for ways to improve the accuracy and efficiency of calculating volumes of on-site materials. Drones have become widely adopted in the space and Kespry is leading the commercial industry with the most complete single solution package available. We’re extremely happy to offer new users the ability to trial the most user-friendly and reliable drone data platform in the industry.

Click here to access the free Kespry Cloud Trial.