02.02.2021 | Kespry

How Drone Technology has Changed Mine Operations

Companies who adapt drone technology into their mining operations generally see significant value fairly quickly. By being able to do things like autonomously measuring stockpile volumes, managing inventory across sites, and updating mine plans with daily topography changes, the efficiency of their sites and quarries skyrockets. It also allows teams to work together more safely, with up to 80 percent more accurate data than manual measurement that’s stored in one central cloud application. 

The drone industry as a whole is evolving at a rapid pace. We have FAA regulations changing quarterly, we’ve all had to establish and maintain operations in the midst of COVID-19, which forced us into a “new normal” (one of the most hated phrases of 2020 btw), and businesses have grown and discovered new and different ways to use drone data.

CEMEX Quarry in Florida

As one of the major players in the drone space, it’s important to Kespry that we be part of the larger conversation around the evolving use of drones and how they can positively impact the industries’ businesses. This enables us to better understand and serve our customers, and the industry as a whole. While all of that is great, we’re sure you’d like some insights from more than just us. So, one of our customers, CEMEX, is going to join us for a discussion on Wednesday, February 24th at 10am PT / 1pm ET and we’d love it if you’d join.

CEMEX has been a Kespry customer for almost four years, flying both Aggregates and Cement Plants on a monthly basis. We will be hearing from Matt Lewis, Director of Aggregates Resources, who has a wealth of knowledge about drone technology and can give real-life examples of how they’ve evolved their mine operations.

Go ahead and register here, and don’t worry if you can’t attend live! We’ll be sending out the on-demand video post live webinar.

Webinar Details

Date: Wednesday, February 24th

Time: 10am PT / 1 PM ET

In the meantime, if you’d like to do some more digging on Kespry and drone technology, the Kespry blog and the resource page are two great places to start.

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