02.20.2019 | Kespry

Have You Requested Your FAA Drone ID Stickers Yet?

On February 13th, the FAA issued a new rule requiring small drones, including those from Kespry, to have their FAA registration number displayed on the each drone’s exterior surface. Kespry wants to remind its users that the deadline to affix a registration sticker on drones is this Monday, February 25th. On that date, small drone users can no longer legally fly their devices without the sticker.

The FAA enacted this rule to better manage the drone population and identify each drone rapidly in case of any security concerns. According to the FAA, “law enforcement officials and the FAA’s interagency security partners have expressed concerns about the risk a concealed explosive device might pose to first responders upon opening a compartment to find a drone’s registration number. The FAA believes this action will enhance safety and security by allowing a person to view the unique identifier directly without handling the drone.”

Kespry is here to help you ensure compliance in time. Keep an eye out for the arrival of a sticker for each of your Kespry drones with the required ID information. If you have any questions, please contact us at care@kespry.com or (844) 453-7779 by noon Pacific Thursday, February 21st.

Upon receipt, please ensure you immediately affix the sticker on the top of the drone, next to the Kespry serial number. Instructions will be provided in the envelope. Please note that the sticker is exclusively meant for the specific Kespry drone to which it is assigned. Mixing up stickers and drones, including those from other manufactures, has the potential to create headaches should the FAA identify your drone as one requiring investigation.