02.22.2019 | Kespry

How Kespry’s New Earthwork Progress Tracking Innovations Drive Project Profitability and Data Accuracy

We’re always listening to our customers and ensuring we’re delivering products that map to their needs and expectations. That’s why we’ve introduced new capabilities that boost the efficiency of earthworks projects, including site design plan integration, removal of heavy equipment from automated surface generation, and a new tool to provide rapid elevation profile analysis to support in-the-field decision-making.

These new capabilities further advance how we’re helping our customers to maximize the profitability of all of their sites with frequent, accurate survey data. Customers can now have even greater confidence to take on jobs knowing they have Kespry to optimize how they use their resources, reduce costs, and ensure projects stay on track.

Our new video showcases these new capabilities in action:

Design Plan Increases Project Management Efficiency
Kespry now imports site design files directly into the Kespry Cloud for comparison with data captured from drone flights. The new feature allows site managers and other team members to quickly calculate progress against original plan design surfaces or a specified base plane elevation. Directly importing design files in the Kespry Cloud empowers teams to make quick decisions about the accuracy of production levels or the progress of earthwork tracking—all without leaving the workspaceNo third-party software or data processing is needed.

Kyndra Tezak, a project engineer at Tezak Heavy Equipment, a Southern Colorado company specializing in civil construction, including roadways, bridges, dams, and river restoration projects, told us how Design Plan is benefiting her company: “Kespry makes our team more efficient all the way around. I fly every quarry and project site every two weeks. I send out information after I upload all of my data and process the flight, and the users don’t have to wait on me for anything. They can go into the Kespry Cloud and get the answers they need.”

Feature Extraction Automatically Removes Equipment from Topos
This new tool uses machine learning (ML) to automatically remove equipment from topographic models and volumetric data automatically generated from Kespry drone flights over active earthwork construction. Algorithms identify equipment within the survey data, and then removes them from the digital surface model—providing an even greater level of accuracy in the data used to drive production or work order changes. Customers will now have a choice to calculate volumes and/or generate topographic maps with or without equipment removed—all in a quick and easy dropdown menu. All datasets are available for download in several CAD/GIS file formats.

Ethan Gassman, Superintendent at Turner Contracting, a leading construction company with decades of mass excavation and mining experience, told us the Kespry Feature Extraction Tool is having a major positive impact: “Now, we’re able to calculate volumes with higher confidence and produce cleaner, more accurate volume reports. Our team can directly download feature-extracted digital surface model data to update grading and mine plans quickly. We’re saving lots of time by not having to manually trim or clean up our datasets.”

Cross Section Generates Detailed, Actionable Elevation Profiles
The Cross Section tool auto-generates an elevation profile along any line that users capture. Users can compare several surfaces and determine elevation changes needed to stay on track or adjust earthwork operations as necessary. With Cross Section, site managers and supervisors are more empowered to quickly perform grade checks without tasking in-house survey teams or hiring third-party services.

Accurate, yet easily-accessible tools like Cross Section help speed up access to the data that managers need to optimize the profitability of their sites, allowing them to make operational decisions in the moment, instead of waiting for engineering efforts in CAD systems better suited to more strategic planning efforts.

Learn more about our construction capabilities here: www.kespry.com/aerial-intelligence/industries/mining-aggregates/