06.30.2020 | Kespry

Get the Most out of Kespry with Our Customer Success Webinars

The Kespry Customer Success team is pleased to let our customers know about our comprehensive new Educational Webinar Series. These webinars enable our users to better understand their Kespry deployments and ensure they’re getting the most out of them.

The series is intended to showcase and further train customers on Kespry tools in a collaborative environment. While Customer Success Managers provide 1:1 training to customers, it’s always great to revisit existing functionality, as well as learn about new features in the process.

The Kespry educational webinar series covers four topics:

The first installment, Volumetrics, explores calculating stockpile volumes, drawing polygons, and common sources of error.

Mission Quality
The second installment, Mission quality, covers image stitching, mission planning, and ideal outside/terrain conditions.

Managing Inventory
The third installment is Efficient inventory management and covers the value of the Manage Inventory workspace and a high-level component overview.

Mine Planning
The fourth installment provides an overview of mine planning features.

Throughout each part, a different member of the Customer Success team introduces themselves and further discusses the main topics in great detail. Some webinars include a live demo, where the Customer Success Manager showcases different Kespry features in real time. One example includes demonstrating the steps in uploading a design plan into Kespry Cloud. Each part of the series is capped off by a Q&A session, with customers asking questions ranging from best practices to optimizing Kespry Cloud workflows to changing units to AutoCad to addressing Contour file configuration.

The complete webinar series can be viewed here.

For further questions about anything covered in the webinar series, please feel free to reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager or Kespry Technical Support at: care@kespry.com