07.16.2019 | Kespry

Kespry Featured in the ABB Pioneers Formula E Video Series

Kespry is honored to be part of the new ABB Pioneers series, highlighting technology companies delivering boundary-breaking innovation designed to impact society in positive and beneficial ways.

ABB is both a partner and investor in Kespry. It’s also Formula E’s key sponsor. As ABB Formula E races through the world’s most iconic inner cities, the company wanted to look beyond the racetrack to highlight pioneers writing the future in their field of expertise.

Both ABB and Kespry value safety and integrity, innovation and speed, and collaboration. We’re both committed to using technology to help create a more sustainable planet for this and future generations. Our united vision: running the world without consuming the earth.

Watch the ABB Pioneers video and see how Kespry and ABB are working together to harness the value of sensor-based data across multiple industries to make workplaces more productive, efficient and safer.