08.27.2017 | Kespry

3 Steps to Scaling Your Enterprise Drone Program

Once company leaders see the ROI on drone programs, they want to scale their program across the enterprise. But increasing the adoption of a new technology throughout a large company means planning ahead, and anticipating costs and difficulties. A program that scales well will not just maintain, but increase its value when tested by larger demands.

Here are 3 steps for scaling your enterprise drone program, to get your company the most value.

1. Communicate. No already productive team wants another new tool to learn if it isn’t going to make their jobs easier. Communication should come first and should focus on the benefits that the program brings to each individual as well as to the company.

A true enterprise drone solution is one that will allow you to use your existing staff of industry experts to operate the system. A fully autonomous drone like the industry-leading Kespry solution can be flown with a few taps on an iPad – it doesn’t require special piloting skills and it won’t require months of training to learn. The drone will replace a more difficult or dangerous method of gathering data, making life easier for employees. The data analysis happens automatically and the platform is intuitive – so the value is easy to access.

2. Manage the Data. The end result of every successful drone flight is data – and when a program is implemented across the enterprise, the result is a lot of data. You’ll need to anticipate the costs of storage and develop good systems for sharing and using that data throughout the organization. Think about how data will be uploaded to an enterprise platform, how the data will be secured during transfer, and how stakeholders will access the analysis. Issues of data security, data redundancy, and the platform for sharing will have to be addressed in advance.

Problems in security and management can quickly arise with drone platforms pieced together from different vendors when the data volume increases and the user base expands. Downloading data from a consumer drone, carrying the data to a computer and uploading for analysis, then downloading results again into a shared folder is not only inconvenient and inefficient – especially if much of your team’s work is performed out in the field – but is difficult to defend when data security becomes an issue. Finding the required data again to making good use of it when a large volume has accumulated in basic storage folders can be almost impossible.

An enterprise platform like Kespry, designed for industry, has those features built in: data security, unlimited storage, automatic data backups, analysis tools and a robust and easy-to-use online platform for sharing. Full-stack vertical integration simplifies and secures the entire process.

3. Maximize the Value. Drone technology is an amazingly efficient tool for gathering accurate data. Implementing a drone program across the enterprise means that your company can benefit from a larger and more robust data set than ever before. To get the full benefit of your investment, consider how to maximize the value of that data. Sophisticated systems are utilizing machine learning and AI to reveal more business insights than ever before.

Drone technology offers clear, measurable value to industry and scaling a program across the enterprise can increase that value exponentially. Choose the best enterprise solution and take the right steps to ensure your program scales successfully.

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