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Powerful data processing and reporting with secure
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Automatically Collect and Analyze Aerial Data

Kespry Cloud is the aerial intelligence platform for the Kespry drone system. Customers securely store terabytes of data from drone flights on Kespry Cloud, and use the comprehensive set of reporting tools to generate 3D models, inventory reports, and other industry standard data outputs. Insights generated by the Kespry Cloud contribute to the benefits and savings that come from progress monitoring, asset management and more.

Aerial Intelligence Tools

Kespry Cloud has a suite of advanced tools to allow users to automatically measure cut and fill volumes, distances, areas, and perimeters, overlay PDFs and drawings on their maps, make annotations for collaboration, view contours, elevation maps, 3D models, and more.

Advanced Online Analysis

3D Models

Fly through full 3D models in the Kespry Cloud to monitor site status, inspect sites, and analyze topology from any perspective.

3D & Topology Viewer

Unlimited Data Storage

A single flight can capture many gigabytes of aerial data and Kespry customers conduct frequent flights. Kespry Cloud stores all data redundantly and securely after it is uploaded wirelessly from the drone.

Secure, Redundant Data

GIS Data Integration

Aerial data can be downloaded in a variety of formats used for Raster Analysis and other common GIS workflows with SHP files, rendered orthomosaic images, KMZ files, OBJ format, point clouds in LAS and XYZ formats, GeoTIFFs, and more.  

Geographic Information System

Deep Learning with NVIDIA

At Kespry, we're constantly pushing the limits of what is possible with our drones. Recently, we collaborated with NVIDIA to leverage the power of their Jetson TX1 super computer to automatically track and identify vehicles in real-time. While we're still prototyping this new capability, we're excited at the possibility of offering live asset monitoring and logistics optimization in future products.

Real-Time Tracking

Kespry Cloud Features

View 3D model
in browser

Fly & upload

1-6hr data

Share & collaborate
with others

Export to over
30 file formats

  • Visual color orthographic map
  • Elevation map with configurable topographic lines
  • High resolution aerial photographs of site
  • Manage aerial data for multiple separate industrial sites
  • Full administrative data access control
  • Secure cloud storage