Stockpile Volume Measurement

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​Measure Stockpiles with a Drone

The Kespry Drone System makes it easy to automatically calculate the volume of stockpiles of any type of materials, saving time and money, while increasing safety.

Learn how Whitaker Contracting is saving 22% per year in costs, while measuring their stockpiles 2X more frequently and spending 4X less time overall.

Read an article by Aggregates Business Europe about how HeidelbergCement uses the Kespry Automated Drone System to easily and frequently capture accurate data on which operational and sales decisions are made.

This is a tool that as a global aggregates business, we definitely see as scalable and applicable in many countries and regions. It allows us to harmonize and standardize on practices and processes worldwide.

Neil Wells
Head of Land and Minerals,

Stockpile measurement in less than a minute

Automatically measure any type of stockpile, from aggregate materials like sand, stone, gravel and rock, to biomass products like pulp, paper, timber, logs, wood chips, mulch and manure, as well as minerals like gypsum, kaolin, lime, clay and ceramic, even road-building materials such as asphalt, petroleum, coke, cement and concrete. The size of pits and landfills can also be accurately measured based on cut and fill volumes.

Learn about using Kespry Drones to measure forestry stockpiles.

Automatically Measure Stockpiles Using a Drone

1. Fly drone over stockpiles in minutes - Kespry drones are completely automated, from takeoff to landing. No piloting experience needed. Automatically fly a 150 acre site with 100 stockpiles in less than 30 minutes.

2. Aerial data is automatically uploaded and processed - Kespry’s Cloud Reporting automatically turns stockpile aerials into maps, contours, elevations and 3D models. The Kespry Cloud also makes it easy to share online images and models with teams.

3. Measure stockpiles in less than a minute - Measure an aggregate stockpile in less than one minute, including the perimeter, area and volume for each stockpile. Whether you’re measuring sand stockpiles, rock stockpiles or wood stockpiles, all it takes is a few clicks.

In addition, stockpile density and cost factors can be entered to calculate stockpile weight and value, ideal for stockpile inventory reports. Even odd-shaped stockpiles against walls can be accurately measured with the Kespry Drone System.

Kespry technology allows me on a weekly or even daily basis to get very accurate stockpile measurements of all the different sized aggregate products I have available.

James Veakins
Quarry Manager,
Hanson UK