Insurance Roof Claim Decisions In As Little As 1 Hour

Getting to a faster, safer, more accurate claims resolution

Automated aerial intelligence platform

Kespry understands that the average cost per claim is directly affected by the speed, accuracy and availability of high-resolution aerial imagery when assessing residential and commercial roofs. That’s why we’ve designed the Kespry system to dramatically decrease claim cycle times, with less time needed on site, no need for ladder assists, and same-day reporting built in. By using Kespry drones for roof inspections, you can settle three times as many claims per day while reducing overall costs.

Through our relationship with Kespry, we believe that Farmers will have access to the latest advancements in aerial imaging equipment and software, in addition to superior training resources.

Keith Daly
Chief Claims Officer,
Farmers Insurance

Data driven workflow

Claims Adjusters and Roofers use Kespry drone systems to quickly and safely inspect a roof. No joystick or piloting experience is necessary. After generating a simple mission plan using the included iPad, the drone flies itself. The captured data is automatically transmitted to the iPad and then to the Kespry Cloud. High-resolution imagery is instantly available for inspection in the field and is converted into 2D and 3D maps and models. 

Aerial imagery from the Kespry drone is securely stored online in the Kespry Cloud. Permissions management in the Kespry Cloud helps to ensure only the right members of the team have access to individual images and models. Both Field and HQ-based personnel have easy access to online measurement tools as part of the inspection workflow. Underwriting and claims adjustment happens quickly, too, with precise calculations of all roof dimensions. Roof pitch, surface area, and detailed image resolution allow the team to adequately estimate the extent of damage and related replacement costs.

Roof Inspection Savings Calculator

Use our simple and free ROI Calculator to find out how drone solutions can drastically reduce your loss adjustment expenses and slash claim cycle times.

Answer a few questions and get a customized savings number in under five minutes.

Kespry has demonstrated they can accurately measure a roof more safely and quickly than by hand, while greatly reducing any risk of damage to the roof or injury to the inspector.

Justin Kestner, P.E.
President / CEO & Principal Engineer,

Haag Roof Measurement Report

Kespry is the first company to submit its enterprise drone system to Haag for independent evaluation and to receive the firm’s seal-of-approval for roof measurements.

The recent study found an average difference of just 0.6% - well within industry benchmarks for roof measurement - using the Kespry drone platform rather than traditional manual field measurement methods.

Accurate and intelligent automated results

The Kespry system allows you to save hours of time conducting visual inspections, helps to standardize inspection methods, and reduces the potential for subjective biases. Kespry Drone data delivers high-resolution imagery with 1mm resolution - powerful enough to detect granule loss and physical damage. Additional tools available in the Kespry Cloud include sophisticated deep learning algorithms to help automatically identify hail damage. Customized maps are quickly produced for the entire roof and automated dimension reports are immediately available for high accuracy measurements.  

With Kespry, you have the tools to reduce your risk and costs per claim, increase your productivity without extra effort, and deliver a better customer experience.