Automated aerial intelligence for gold mining

Kespry is the leading provider of a completely automated drone system for gold mining. Go from data capture to valuable insights in hours. Automated, accurate and built for mining environments. There are no joysticks or SD cards to worry about. Anyone in your company can use the system, and if they have any questions, their dedicated customer success team is just a call or email away.
Daily, weekly or monthly – capture site data as often as you want. There are no additional usage costs beyond the flat-rate subscription.

Watch the "Using Drone Data for Mine Planning" webinar.

Drones in Mining Q&A

Hear form experts from across the mining industry as they discuss how aerial intelligence is being used to improve their planning and operations.

Drone data is being used by leading mining companies all over the world to save time and money, while increasing safety. From waste rock material management to mine planning, companies are seeing a strong ROI.

In this webinar recording, the most popular use cases for the following industries is be discussed: Aggregates, Coal, Frac Sand, Gold and Iron Ore.

Confidently manage ore and waste rock operations

Gold mining operations have many moving parts from ore removal to material processing. Inadequate data of the amount and location of material extracted can lead to substantial delays and costly outcomes. The Kespry system allows mining companies to frequently collect volumetric and topographic data for the entire mine site during ongoing operations, keeping an accurate watch on planned extraction calculations.  

The Kespry system delivers accurate mine site data to mine planners and mine operators when conducting a variety of operations:

  • Mine planners verify post blast fragmentation analysis during the same day without any disruption in workflow. High-resolution imagery can be viewed from the office showing fracture and joint details within .5 cm accuracy (per pixel ground image resolution).

  • Land managers confidently calculate stripping areas with 1-3% true volume accuracy, eliminating costly unforeseen mass haul operations.

  • Teams across the entire company can share inventory reports of all materials across the entire site showing locations of stockpiles along with material type, density, tonnage, and other tracking notes.

  • High wall inspections are evaluated from the office using surface analysis tools and 3D visualization tools in the Kespry Cloud.

  • Data from individual flights can be exported directly to AutoCAD or third-party mine planning software packages for design plan verifications and reclamation plan updates.

Increase the amount of accurate data for exploration and planning

Initial phases of gold mine site planning require detailed topographic base data to support a conceptual study, feasibility report, detailed design plans, and operational planning. Limited initial site data can lead to prolonged project start dates or even rejected applications.

During initial site planning, the Kespry system is deployed on demand to capture centimeter level accurate data for the entire site. This initial dataset serves as the baseline during exploration phases and is used to generate geological reports, environmental impact reports, geotechnical recommendations, and much more.

  • Designers, planners, and geologists can easily access data, perform cut and fill analysis, and generate reports from a single resource in the Kespry Cloud.

  • Gold mining companies can easily share files, reports, and imagery with consultants and regulators who are actively working on the project.

  • Volume calculations are automatically generated across the entire site when determining stripping ratio or overburden thickness.

  • Perform a complete surface evaluation using customized contour maps and colored surface models for drainage pattern identification and catchment area modelling.

  • The data is exportable to GIS and CAD file formats to fit a preferred coordinate system of existing plans or to match datasets such as regional geologic maps and hydrogeologic databases.