Automated aerial intelligence for frac sand mining

Drone data is being used by leading frac sand companies to save money and significantly increase efficiency. Using Kespry’s Automated Drone System, they’re able to frequently capture data with a few taps on an iPad. No joysticks or piloting skills required. Built for mining environments, Kespry’s system is industrial, accurate and completely automated. Go from data capture to insights in just a few hours. When the drone lands, all of the valuable frac sand mine data is uploaded to the online Kespry Cloud where it’s processed for you. To view or share Kespry Cloud data, simply log in using a web browser.

Watch the "Using Drone Data for Mine Planning" webinar.

Drones in Mining Q&A

Hear from experts from across the mining industry as they discuss how aerial intelligence is being used to improve their planning and operations.

Drone data is being used by leading mining companies all over the world to save time and money, while increasing safety. From waste rock material management to mine planning, companies are seeing a strong ROI.

In this webinar recording, the most popular use cases for the following industries is be discussed: Aggregates, Coal, Frac Sand, Gold and Iron Ore.

Enterprise tools for survey-grade site planning and quarry development

An accurate topographic base map and high-resolution imagery are critical to ensuring the success of a well planned mining operation. Several teams are involved during initial stages of planning and inaccurate data can often cause prolonged project start dates or rejected application permits. The Kespry system serves as a single accurate data source for baseline topographic data throughout the conceptual study. 

  • Engineers and geologists can confidently use the data to conduct hydrology studies, pit designs, stockyard designs, and slope stability analysis for mine planning, civil design, and GIS. 

  • Planners are given the tool to evaluate the details of existing topography with contours, a 3D Model, and colored surface model showing elevation changes - detailed for drainage pattern and geophysical hazard identification

  • Geologists and mine planners confidently estimate the frac sand reserves over large areas using purpose built volumetric tools accessed from any web-browser.

  • Engineers, planners and geologists wanting deeper analysis in 3rd party softwares are able to export data into a variety GIS and CAD file formats to fit a preferred coordinate system.

All the necessary tools for successful inventory and operations management

Extracting frac sand from source material is a sophisticated process and requires careful planning and execution. Mismanaged operations often lead to miscalculated extraction rates that result in write-offs and missed customer orders. Accurate data from the Kespry system allows frac sand companies to track the entire process from sandstone blasting to sludge stockpile inventory management.

The Kespry system can be flown frequently to provide daily or weekly insights to volumes and elevations of piles of frac sand and rejected material such as silt and clay.

  • Plant managers and land managers accurately calculate cut and fill volumes within 1-3% for all materials on the entire site or multiple sites.

  • The company CFO is provided with a single reliable database to evaluate the production output of all materials, eliminating the need to export and conduct further data processing.

  • A purpose-built material management database allows managers to modify parameters such as updating density to account for changes in the material during the drying and sorting phases.

  • Teams across the company can easily share volume reports with details showing individual pile locations, material type, volume, tonnage, density, and other notes critical for a successful routine inventory audit.

  • Mine planners and operation managers confidently layout blasting patterns with newly collected surface data for specific areas with centimeter level accuracy.

  • Mine operators increase worker safety by inspecting highwalls or measuring settling pond levels with high-resolution imagery and accurate 3D models.

  • Frac sand companies are also able to directly import mine plans and reclamation plans as overlays to ensure phases are completed as anticipated or to identify potential issues before they arise.